React Newsletter #388

Next.js 13 vs Remix, Sharing state with islands architecture, and Radix Themes 2.0

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Next.js 13 vs Remix: An In-depth case study

Prateek Surana writes about the lessons he learned from building a full-stack Twitter/X clone, incorporating the majority of the core functionalities from both Next.js 13 and Remix. He also shares the aspects that he feels one framework should adopt from the other and his personal experiences and opinions while developing the app in both frameworks.

Sharing State with Islands Architecture

Maxi Ferreira walks through how to use Astro and React to support the islands architecture approach, so you can choose which parts of the website are interactive, and render the rest of the page on the server.

Advanced customization guide to React Aria Components

The React Aria documentation just added this new guide covering how you can build custom compositional APIs with contexts, slots, and mix and match with Hooks.

Convex lets you build a powerful backend with TypeScript

Their full cloud backend feels like a modern, more powerful version of Firebase. It comes with a realtime relational DB, first-class React support, and easy-to-use server functions, so you can use your frontend skills to build a powerful backend. [sponsored]

How I used GitHub Copilot Chat to build a ReactJS gallery prototype

Senna Parsa, a developer at GitHub, wrote this article about how the new GitHub Copilot Chat can help developers create prototypes, understand code, make UI changes, troubleshoot errors, make code more accessible, and generate unit tests. She provides a lot of examples and short videos to demonstrate.

React Google Maps: Drawing Tools

In this article, Pavlo Chabanenko walks through how you can implement advanced Google Maps tools into a React project to make it more powerful.


Neobrutalism Components

A collection of type-safe components written in React and Tailwind.

Radix Themes 2.0

This update comes with better Tailwind compatibility, some new colors, and more.

Astro 3.2

This release features several new improvements to view transitions that make them much easier to use.


tRPC + NextJS App Router = Simple Typesafe APIs

In this 19-minute video, Jack Herrington walks through how to use tRPC with the App Router to build typesafe APIs.

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