React Newsletter #387

The uphill battle of memoization, Update on the React Forget compiler, and 5 GH Actions to automate your React Native Workflow

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The Uphill Battle of Memoization

Dominik Dorfmeister writes about why you should let component composition solve the problem for you, before reaching for React.memo. TLDR - it's because Memo is too easy to break.

Quick update on the React Forget compiler

React Core Team member, Sathya Gunasekaran answered a question on Reddit about why it's taken so long to build the React Forget compiler and how it's more complex than you might think.

Exploring React Server Components and Server Actions with Next.js

Hafsa Hayath gives a gentle introduction to RSC by covering their main benefits, how it differs from SSR, how Next.js implements RSC, and more.

The State of Web Frameworks on Deno

Deno now supports more than 2 million modules on npm, and you can use its ready-made templates to work with frameworks like SvelteKit and Docusaurus. This article gives a whirlwind tour of the state of all the other web frameworks in Deno.

Get complete user management with Clerk

Clerk gives you simple React components to onboard your users and let them manage their accounts. It seems like every React side project uses it these days, probably because of its surprisingly ~~moochable~~ generous free tier. [sponsored]

5+ Github Actions to Automate Your React Native Workflow

In this article, Youssouf shares a few Github Actions workflows for making his team's React Native work much easier - including how you can make these workflows reusable.

Best Practices for Developing Complex Form-Based Apps with React Hook Form and TypeScript Support

Oren Farhi dives into a set of best practices that have helped him to effectively deal with the challenges of developing extensive form-based apps using React Hook Form. He also shares the added benefits of incorporating TypeScript for enhanced type safety and productivity.

Storing React State in the URL with Next.js

In this article, François Best walks through how you can sync React UI state with the URL query string and how that can open up a lot of helpful options for you.


React Native Engineer -- Remote-friendly, $150-230k base

Motion is hiring an experienced React Native engineer who will help us deliver an amazing experience for our mobile users and improve the architecture of our mobile platform. You will work on Motion’s innovative time management platform that helps users organize their schedule and companies efficiently coordinate their work. As one of the first few dedicated mobile engineers on our engineering team, you’ll help set the technical vision for mobile at Motion.



Lets you easily add a mouse-tracing glow effect to React components, just in time for spooky season.


An opinionated toast component for React, created by Emil Kowalski, a design engineer at Vercel.


Static Hermes: the Next Generation of Hermes,

React Native Core Team member, Tzvetan Mikov, gave this 25-minute talk at React Native EU about an "evolution of non-web JavaScript engines." He goes over the cornerstone feature of Static Hermes, which is the optional compilation of type-annotate JavaScript into native code and lots more.

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