React Newsletter #386

The interactive guide to rendering in React, Mantine v7.0, and Creating a text typing effect with React

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BugHerd is the simplest way to track issues

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The Interactive Guide to Rendering in React

This is one of our most popular articles ever, and it uses various animations and code examples to try and answer one surprisingly tricky question: Exactly when and how does React update the view?

Annoyed with Unity? My experience making a Game in React Native

Parris (a senior engineer at Discord) writes about his experience making a simple game in React Native, which he says is much easier than using Unity.

React Server Components Made Our Site A LOT Faster

Christian Mathiesen wrote about how and why implementing RSC helped to significantly improve performance on his team's site.

Create a text typing effect with React

Julien Thibeaut walks through how to use React to build a text typing effect, which is more popular than ever, thanks to ChatGPT.

How Whop improved their Real Experience Score by 200% with the Next.js App Router

This brief case study on the Vercel blog details how Whop, an online marketplace for digital products, improved page speed and DX by migrating from Ruby on Rails to Next.js and incrementally adopting App Router.


React Native Engineer -- Remote-friendly, $150-230k base

Motion is hiring an experienced React Native engineer who will help us deliver an amazing experience for our mobile users and improve the architecture of our mobile platform. You will work on Motion’s innovative time management platform that helps users organize their schedule and companies efficiently coordinate their work. As one of the first few dedicated mobile engineers on our engineering team, you’ll help set the technical vision for mobile at Motion.

Frontend Engineering Manager (USA Only) is looking for an experienced full-time Frontend Engineering Manager to join our engineering team and build & lead the 3rd Frontend team. Close is a 100% globally distributed team of 90 happy people, dedicated to building a product our customers love.


Mantine 7.0

This was a big release for the popular React component library. It ditched Emotion and migrated to native CSS, added a built-in color scheme manager, and now allows you to use it as a headless UI library.


An open-source version of Vercel's new generative UI component tool that was getting a lot of buzz earlier this month (and is still in private alpha). It allows you to use AI to generate and iterate on React+Tailwind components, with live preview.


A React UI library built with "ease of use" in mind. It comes with a 100+ components, 10 custom form validators, a custom styling system, dynamic theming out of the box, and more.

Million.js v2.6

Million.js is an extremely fast and lightweight virtual DOM that makes React components up to 70% faster. This minor release makes some updates to the docs, extends the existing JSX binary operations evaluation functionality, and more.

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