React Newsletter #385

Remix v2, Next.js 13.5, and Midjourney for React

Today's issue is sponsored by Flatfile

Their Data Exchange Platform gives you a simple and secure way to build your own ideal solution for importing CSV, Excel, and other data files (see docs). You can utilize their event-driven architecture, API library, and data import functionality to build customizable data imports, validation, and lots more -- without the headache.

Check it out.


Remix v2

It's been almost 2 years since Remix v1 was released, and this latest major update features some cool stuff like a brand new create-remix CLI experience, the ability to detect built mode via build.mode, and more, along with relatively few breaking changes 🙏.

Next.js 13.5

This update improves local dev performance and reliability with faster local server startup, faster HMR, 40% less memory usage, next/image improvements, and more.

RFC: API Routes in Expo Router

This RFC by Evan Bacon proposes the introduction of API Routes (aka server functions) into the React Native ecosystem as part of the upcoming Expo Router v3/Expo SDK 50 -- with the goal to enable developers to write server-side logic directly into their React Native projects.

Ably Realtime Hackathon

Enter now for a chance to win over $19,000 of prizes, plus a bonus React prize, with two categories to choose from: Realtime dashboards (think data visualization for stock prices and fast-moving data) and Collaboration experiences (think realtime virtual spaces like Miro & Figma). [sponsored]


Painting with Math: A Gentle Study of Raymarching

Maxime Heckel wrote this in-depth, visual article all about Raymarching with Three.js/React Three Fiber. You'll definitely learn something new here.

A First Look at htmx and How it Compares to React

Htmx has gotten a lot of buzz recently, so in this article, Yoav Ganbar unpacks some its features and discusses its advantages and disadvantages relative to React.


React Native Engineer -- Remote-friendly, $150-230k base

Motion is hiring an experienced React Native engineer who will help us deliver an amazing experience for our mobile users and improve the architecture of our mobile platform. You will work on Motion’s innovative time management platform that helps users organize their schedule and companies efficiently coordinate their work. As one of the first few dedicated mobile engineers on our engineering team, you’ll help set the technical vision for mobile at Motion.



Vercel is calling v0 "Midjourney for React", because it allows you to use natural-language AI prompts to generate copy-and-paste friendly React code that's based on Shadcn UI and Tailwind CSS.


Zach Button describes his library as "a reducer on steroids" with undo/redo and time travel.


A new JavaScript library that is similar to React/Vue, but with no hooks, effects, props, or other "unusual abstractions." It supports SSR and CSR components.

Sugar High

A super lightweight syntax highlighter for JSX.


A fast and lightweight RSC framework for Bun that's still very early in development and meant to be a proof of concept project for now.

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