React Newsletter #384

Bun 1.0, Building a toast component, and Why you might not need a useEffectAsync hook

Last call for the launch sale

At this point, you’ve heard us talk a lot about how with, we wanted to redefine what an online course could be. In doing so we spent ~15 months creating:

If the early course reviews are any indication, we think you'll love it. And we're still running our 25% launch sale until midnight tonight, so check it out if you want to get the course at the cheapest price it'll ever be.

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Bun 1.0

This is the first stable release of Bun's super-fast runtime, package manager, Jest-compatible test runner, and esbuild-inspired bundler/minifier. Full-stack frameworks like Remix, Next.js, Svelte, and others work seamlessly with Bun's runtime, and Vercel just announced that projects using Bun as a package manager can now be deployed to Vercel with zero configuration.


Building a toast component

Emil Kowalski is a design engineer at Vercel, and in this article, they write about some of the lessons they learned while building a React Toast library called Sonner.

Next.js, just why?

In this article, Pilcrow (one of the creators of Lucia Auth) shares some of the reasons why Next.js has been consistently infuriating to work with for Lucia.

You Might Not Need A useEffectAsync Hook

Niklas Kraßnig writes about how many attempts at handling async programming in React introduce a new hook named something like useAsync. However, he argues that creating a custom hook with dependencies comes with a significant drawback: the dependency array can no longer be statically verified by ESLint. In this article, he describes how to overcome that problem and demonstrates how straightforward using async programming can be in React.

Nylas' AI + React Hackathon

This hackathon starts on October 2nd and features over $10,000 in prizes for teams that build an application using AI, React, and Nylas' APIs for email, calendar, and contacts integrations. For more info, check out this free workshop on Building an email responder with generative AI and Nylas.

Rust Server Components

Antonio Pitasi walks through how he created his "Rust equivalent of the T3 Stack", which glues together existing libraries and implements a server components solution in Rust.


Frontend Engineering Manager (USA Only) is looking for an experienced full-time Frontend Engineering Manager to join our engineering team and build & lead the 3rd Frontend team. Close is a 100% globally distributed team of 90 happy people, dedicated to building a product our customers love.



A self-hosted, drag-and-drop editor for React that you can configure with your own components.

Universal Medusa

A cross-platform React Native ecomm starter that works for Expo and Next.js.


A rich-text editor framework for React.

React, Visualized

Our gentle, purely visual introduction to many of React's foundational concepts and mental models.

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