React Newsletter #382

Starlight goes live, Forms + Mutations with App Router, and Suspense in 3 different architectures

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Starlight by Astro live on ProductHunt!

Starlight is the web framework for building modern documentation websites. It comes with navigation, search, i18n, syntax highlighting, dark mode, and it supports React, Svelte, Vue, Tailwind CSS, Markdown, and MDX.

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Forms and Mutations with App Router

The Next.js docs have a new section that breaks down how to handle form submissions and data mutations using Server Actions.


Deep Dive: Caching and Revalidating

Tim Neutkens (co-creator of Next.js) writes about how Next's App Router introduced new heuristics around caching and revalidating, and how caching and revalidating and now designed to work within App Router.

React Suspense in three different architectures

Elan Medoff takes a look at the three most common React rendering architectures (CSR, SSR, and RSC), and writes about how React Suspense can play a role within each one.

Unlayer Embed

This drag-and-drop email editor and page builder for your SaaS application is easy to embed and guaranteed to save you weeks of dev time. Check it out. [sponsored]

The underlying mechanisms of React’s concurrent mode

In this article, Andrei Gătej shares how concurrent mode works with the help of React’s transitions and walks through his reasoning process that helped him to gain a deeper understanding.


TinyBase v4.1

Tinybase is a reactive datastore for local-first apps, and this release comes with a new ui-react-dom module, which provides pre-built components for tabular display of your data in a web app.

React-Redux 9.0 alpha

This release comes with many changes to the build setup and published package contents, along with other breaking changes.


A simple CLI tool to clean all React Native caches in your project.


React Query is Secretly an Amazing State Manager

In this quick 5-minute video, Josh shares why he loves working with React Query so much.

All 12 useState & useEffect Mistakes Junior React Developers Still Make in 2023

In this 46-minute video, ByteGrad walks through 12 common mistakes he often sees with useState and useEffect and you how can avoid them.

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