React Newsletter #381

React Suspense throttling, Fixing forms with React Server Actions, and The future of React Query

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On React Suspense’s throttling

In this article, Andrei Gătej wrote about some of the weird behaviors you get when nesting Suspense components.

Using TypeScript in React

This new addition to the React Docs (courtesy of Orta Theroux) provides a helpful deep dive on just about everything you need to know about using TypeScript with React.

Can React Server Actions finally fix forms?

An alpha version of React Server Actions are now available in Next.js 13.4. In this article, Darius Cepulis writes about how they offer a React-official way of simplifying posting data, just like React Server Components simplified getting data. But do React Server Actions live up to the promise? Darius answers that question by using them to build an app that lets users upload videos to Mux.

Building Adaptive User Interfaces in React Native

Vishwas Gopinath explores how to design responsive and adaptive UIs in React Native, with a focus on varying device sizes, orientations, safe areas, and platform-specific code.

Building a Two-Way Data Binding Hook for Form Inputs in React

React doesn't have traditional two-way form input binding like Vue and Svelte. So in this article, Alex MacArthur explores what the React version of two-way data binding might look like.

Form Validation with React Hook Form

In this article, Alex Khomenko explores the capabilities of React Hook Form when it comes to form validation. He will walk you through how to build a simple recipe form with React and TypeScript and take a look at how React Hook Form can help validate the form inputs and display error messages.



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useHooks 2.1

We recently released this update to our collection of 50+ modern, server-safe React hooks.


A codemod for transforming your Styled-Components into TailwindCSS.


React Query With The App Router

In this 11-minute interview, Jack Herrington interviews Dominik Dorfmeister about what's coming new to React Query v5 and how it will work with Next's App Router.

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