React Newsletter #380

Expo Launch Party, Modernizing packages to ESM, and Things you forgot because of React

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Expo Launch Party

Expo announced a lot new stuff during their launch party last week, including a new useUpdates() React hook, new Expo CLI dev tools plugins, and a new MacOS menu bar app called Expo Orbit that lets you launch builds and start simulators from your menu bar.


My experience modernizing packages to ESM.

Mark Erikson wrote this article about the "painful experiences and hard-earned lessons" he's learned from migrating the Redux packages to ESM.

Things you forgot (or never knew) because of React

In this highly opinionated article, Josh Collinsworth shares a few things that you might not have thought about for a while if you've been heads down in React-land.

Devtools for React Server Components

Alvar Lagerlöf explores how RSCs are represented over the network and shares how they are using that to create devtools.

New Relic's free forever plan

It's the most generous free tier in the industry, giving you the same cloud-based observability used by some of the best software teams in the world. You get one full platform user, unlimited basic users, 100 GB of data ingest per month, and lots more. [sponsored]

Coding the stars

Francesco Sansalvadore walks through how he and his team at Supabase built an interactive “constellation” of stars for user-generated tickets to Supabase Launch Week 8 by using Three.js and React Three Fiber.

Building a Design System with React Web Components

In this article, Jasper and Sjoerd share how they were able to build a universal design system with React by compiling React to Web Components.

Adding React Native to a Complex App

In this 4-part series, Alan Slater shares the unique challenges of migrating more complex apps to React Native. This first article focuses on the often-overlooked planning phase.


Radix themes

A new, open-source component library with hundreds of variants, a handful of simple primitives for layout, and an extensive token system provided via CSS variables.

Web3 with TypeScript Bootcamp

Don't miss your chance to dive into the world of Web3 at the first-ever Web3 with TypeScript Bootcamp, happening from August 21-27! This free virtual event offers workshops, mentorship, access to job opportunities, and the unique challenge to build on cutting-edge tech — no Web3 experience necessary! Seats are limited, so act fast. [sponsored]

Million Automatic Mode

Million is a VDOM replacement for React, which now lets you use npm i million to automatically make your React project "up to 70% faster", while writing your React code as normal with Next.js, RSC, Vite, Astro, etc.

Frolic React

A React component library that helps you build UIs for analytics dashboards much faster. It's built on top of React, Tailwind, and Recharts.

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