React Newsletter #379

Moving 50k lines of code to RSC, Partially controlled components, and Next.js Commerce 2.0

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Kinde is a new, more powerful way to do auth

They give you all the auth features you need right out of the box -- SSO, MFA, social logins, etc. -- and make it super easy to integrate with the rest of your app.

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Everything I wish I knew before moving 50,000 lines of code to React Server Components

In this article, Darius Cepulis gives an in-depth look at at what it was like migrating Mux to RSC. Throughout the article he discusses why server components matter, what they are (and are not) good for, how to incrementally adopt them, and more. It's a great read.

Partially Controlled Components: A Declarative Design Pattern in React

James Kerr writes about how the real world is not always as black and white as "uncontrolled vs. controlled components", and how he needed to create a "partially controlled component" while authoring react-arborist.

Forging Leptos Query

In this article, Nico Burniske writes about their experience building Leptos Query -- a React Query equivalent for Leptos, a bleeding edge full-stack framework for building fast web apps in Rust.

Hire great devs faster with CoderPad

CoderPad's collaborative IDE is fully customizable and supports 40+ languages and frameworks (React, Angular, Node, etc). It lets you add packages with npm install, drag and drop a repo for quick & easy setup, and more -- so you can code alongside candidates in a familiar environment. See the Sandbox. [sponsored]

Use svg sprite icons in React

Jacob Paris walks through how to build a script that compiles a folder of svg icons into a single svg sprite sheet. He also demonstrates how to build a React component that displays a specific icon by name, with full type safe autocomplete for the available icons.


Next.js Commerce 2.0

Highlights: ✅ App Router ready ✅ Dynamic, edge-rendered storefront ✅ Simplified architecture

VanJS 1.0

This ultra-lightweight, unopinionated Reactive UI framework just launched v1.0 and says that "it feels like building React apps in a scripting language, without JSX."


A simple canvas drawing web app with responsive UI. Made with TypeScript, React, and Next.js.

Libraries that support React Server Components

Lee Robinson created this GitHub discussion to provide a list of libraries/solutions that support React Server Components.

Secureframe helps you get SOC 2 compliant in weeks instead of months

So now, you can start selling to big enterprises ASAP. Book a free, personalized demo to learn how to get started. [sponsored]

RedwoodJS v6.0

This release makes Vite the default bundler, implements the Suspense Router, and upgrades to Prisma 5 and Storybook 7.


HTMX: The Game-Changing Alternative to React

In this 14-minute video, Jack Herrington takes a closer look at htmx to see what it's truly capable of and how it compares to using React.

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