React Newsletter #378

Understanding RSC, NextUI v2, and a new Jotai tutorial experience

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Understanding React Server Components

Alice Alexandra Moore wrote this helpful breakdown of the fundamentals of RSC, with the goal of helping you to better understand why RSCs needed to be created, what they do best, and when to use them.

Speeding up the dbt™ docs by 20x with React Server Components

Marco Salazar and Pete Hunt wrote this great retrospective on all of the good and bad they experienced by adding RSC to dbt docs. "With a few days of work, we were able to drop the page load time for a large open-source dbt project (GitLab’s data platform) from over 4.5s to under 220ms, a 20x performance improvement. We also dropped memory usage from 350mb to 16mb, another 20x improvement. We used React Server Components, a relatively new and controversial technology, to get these results. While we got a great end result, it wasn’t entirely smooth sailing."

Shopify’s platform is the Web platform

Surma (who recently joined Shopify) wrote about how Remix is now "the recommended way to build Admin apps on Shopify." He shares more about what that means for both Remix and Shopify, including how his team is reshaping Shopify's platform by releasing a new, web-centric version of App Bridge.

Is Jamstack Officially Finished?

Brian Rinaldi wrote this article documenting what feels like the end of the Jamstack era. He shared how it evolved over time and what this means moving forward.


NextUI v2

This new release for the popular React library includes a transition from Stitches to Tailwind, RSC support, custom themes/layouts/colors, enhanced documentation, and more.


A production ready, scalable starter template for Vite + React that comes with pnpm, Tailwind, TanStack Query, Zustand, Zod, and more.

React Tweet

Vercel just introduced react-tweet, which lets you embed tweets into any React app with a single line of code, without sacrificing performance. It comes with RSC support, built-in data fetching and caching, and 35x less client-side JavaScript than Twitter's native embed. Here's a quick demo video from Lee Robinson.

TanStack v5.0 beta

The new APIs are now "mostly stable." You can find more info on breaking changes and upgrade guides here.


A simple and flexible open-source auth solution for TypeScript that's "bare bones by design."

New Jotai tutorial

A new tutorial experience for learning Jotai. It's created by the Jotai team but is a community effort, so contributors are welcome.

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