React Newsletter #377

Upgrading an ancient React app, RSC tips, and another new state management library

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Upgrading an Ancient React Application

Jeffrey Carl Faden wrote about his team's experience upgrading their React app, Lunch, which they first released back in 2016 and had let run "unfettered and generally unsupported" since then.

How React 18 Improves Application Performance

Lydia Hallie wrote this in-depth article on the Vercel blog about how concurrent features like Transitions, Suspense, and React Server Components can help improve application performance.

React Query and React Context

In this article, TkDodo writes about the benefits and tradeoffs being able to fetch data right inside your React components with React Query.

React Native EU Conference

The React Native EU conference is September 7-8 this year. Promo tickets are available only until July 31. Feel the #RNEUvibe in Wrocław, Poland and join the biggest React Native event in Europe with core contributors and world-class speakers from companies like Meta, PlayStation, Shopify, or... Formula 1. This year we have Guenther Steiner on board! [sponsored]

React Server Components Tips

Alex Anderson shares some tips and tricks for helping you develop a helpful mental model for RSC.



A state management library that aims to be easy to use and as fast as possible, while enabling fine-grained reactivity for minimal renders and powerful persistence.

Solito v4

Solito is a library that's "dedicated to unifying React Native with Next.js, primarily focused on navigation." This v4 release allows you to use React Native with the Next.js App Router.

Kuma UI

A new CSS-in-JS library that's headless and utility-first with zero-runtime CSS extraction.

Vercel AI SDK

A library for building AI-powered streaming text and chat UIs with React, Svelte, Vue, and Solid.


A React library that lets you add a "powerful and hackable copilot" to any React app.


Miško Hevery on Qwik versus React

In this 14-minute video, Jack Herrington interviews Miško Hevery about Qwik and how it compares to React.

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