React Newsletter #375

Expo 49, Prefetching in Next.js 13,

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Expo SDK 49

This release introduces v2 of the Expo router, gives you the ability to inspect network requests directly in JS debugger, and comes with built-in React devtools and more.


My take on the current React & Server Components controversy

In this article, phryneas (a library maintainer for Apollo Client, Redux Toolkit, and RTK Query) shares his excitement and frustration with the current state of React and Server Components, from the perspective of someone who helps maintain some of React's most widely used open-source libraries.

Decoupling UI and Logic in React: A Clean Code Approach with Headless Components

Juntao Qiu writes, "Headless components may seem esoteric, but their true power lies in their flexibility, reusability potential, and ability to improve your codebase’s organization and cleanliness." In this article, he demystifies the headless component pattern, sheds light on what exactly it is and why it’s beneficial, and shares how it can revolutionize your approach to interface design.

A Visual Guide to Prefetching in Next.js 13

Vishwas Gopinath shares how prefetching in Next 13 feels like "having a psychic web server that predicts your every move." And in this article, they walk through exactly how it works, with some helpful visuals.

React Native EU

Europe’s largest React Native conference is September 7-8 this year, and you simply can’t miss it now that we have announced a special guest speaker: Guenther Steiner, the Team Principal of the Haas F1 team. In his talk, he will surely prove to you that F1 and software development have more in common than you think. Register here. [sponsored]

A new approach to React Native development and team composition

This is the first article in a series that explains how Yee Wong and his team used a two-repo approach to React Native development, which allowed them to improve team efficiency and explore new options that were previously left out of reach due to the unique triple-domains nature of React Native.

They've already posted a Part 2, which goes into the "how" behind their approach.


Remotion 4.0

Remotion is a tool for creating videos with React, and they're calling v4.0 their "biggest update ever." It comes with interactive editing of props, a new render button, Rust-powered architecture, upgraded templates, and more.


A React component library built on top of CVA and Tailwind CSS that provides a set of accessible, reusable, and customizable components to help you build your next project.

Tailwind Elements React

A huge collection of over 500 free, interactive React components for Tailwind CSS.


A server state management library for building a single source of truth of state.


What's Next For Redux? with Mark Erikson

Jack Herrington did this 30-minute interview with Mark Erikson to ask him about upcoming changes to Redux and Redux Toolkit as they both prepare to release new major versions in the next few weeks.

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