React Newsletter #374

Next.js App Router Update, Expo 49 beta, and The cost of JavaScript

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Expo 49 beta

This release includes the most recent version of React Native (0.72) and introduces network debugging in the JS debugger, React devtools built in to the Expo CLI, a new release candidate for Expo Router v2, and more.


Next.js App Router Update

Delba de Oliveira and Lee Robinson wrote on the Next.js blog about the Next team's plans for improving the performance, stability, and educational resources around the new App Router.

SwiftUI stole the best parts of React... and my heart

Liam Lindner writes about how SwiftUI's batteries-included approach has taken the best parts of React and created a framework that's easier to work with, in his very opinionated opinion.

RxDB -- The Local Database for JavaScript Applications

RxDB helps you easily build realtime applications with better performance. Because all data is stored locally, your app even works when the user has no internet connection. 🤯 [sponsored]

A Guide To Redux Toolkit With TypeScript

In this article, Deepak Kumar walks through how you can use Redux Toolkit to simplify the Redux setup process, reduce the amount of boilerplate code, and build a scalable global state solution.

Breaking Up with SVG-in-JS in 2023

In this article, Jacob takes a look at better techniques for using SVG in JSX, while keeping JS bundles small and performant.

CommonJS is hurting JavaScript

Andy Jiang writes on the Deno blog about how JavaScript is being "sabotaged by its baggage from the past" in the form of CommonJS -- the antique module system that he says we’ve tolerated for far too long.


New React Spectrum release

This update allows React Spectrum and React Aria to now be run in React Strict Mode, it uses the built-in React.useId hook to generate ids in React 18, and it allows Calendar and DatePicker to control page behavior and local overrides.

Remix v1.18.0

This release introduces a new stable dev server with HMR, opt-in JSON/plain text submissions, and performance upgrades.


The Cost of JavaScript

In this 35-minute video, Addy Osmani explains how and why JavaScript is the most expensive resource your site uses today, and shares some tips for fixing JS performance (especially on mobile) with "a little discipline."

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