React Newsletter #373

React Native 0.72, Medusa goes serverless, and Things you might not know about Next Image

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React Native 0.72

This release features a lot of improvements to the Metro bundler, based on feedback from last year's 2022 community survey:

  • Symlink (beta) support allows React Native to work transparently with monorepo setups and pnpm without needing janky workarounds.

  • package.json exports (beta) support allows React Native projects to work with more npm packages out of the box, and it provides new capabilities for packages to define their API and target RN.

  • New metro.config.js setup in the React Native CLI means that standalone Metro CLI commands like metro get-dependencies will now work.

Medusa goes serverless

Medusa is a popular set of open-source ecomm modules and tools for building rich, performant ecomm apps. This new Serverless Product Module optimizes that open-source ecomm infrastructure for serverless deployments that can run directly within Next.js functions.

Expo built CSS support into Expo, Metro and web

They did this via Lightning CSS, an extremely fast CSS parser, transformer, bundler, and minifier created by Devon Govett.


Things you might not know about Next Image

In this article, Alex Barashkov dives deep into how the Next Image component works and tries to clear up some common misconceptions surrounding it.

What makes Secureframe different?

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An Introduction to Streaming on the Web

Lydia Hallie writes on the Vercel blog about what web streams are, how they work, what advantages they bring to the table, and what tools exist to help you easily leverage web streams today.

Routing and SEO Metadata in Next.js 13

Vishwas Gopinath explores how to use the new Next.js Metadata API to define metadata for each page on your site, ensuring accurate and relevant information is displayed when your pages are shared or indexed


The React Graph Gallery

Yan Holtz created this collection of different graph examples and ready-to-use templates, designed to guide you through the basic concepts of data visualization with React and D3.js.


Exactly what it sounds like. A chessboard component that lets you easily add the joys of chess to your React app.


Principles for Scaling Frontend Application Development

Malte Ubl gave this 25-minute talk at React Summit 2023 to share some of his guiding principles to effectively leading a large software infrastructure, which he learned during his 10+ years at Google and now as the current CTO of Vercel.

Speeding Up Your React App With Less JavaScript

Another React Summit 2023 talk. In this one, Miško Hevery speaks for 20 minutes about how Qwik React can help you improve performance by incrementally turning your React application into a collection of islands, which can be SSR'd and delay hydrated -- all without a huge rewrite.

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