React Newsletter #371

Vercel AI SDK, Thinking in React Query, and NakedJSX

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StackOverflow Developer Survey

StackOverflow surveyed 90,000+ developers and found that React is still by far the most widely used web dev framework at 41%. But even more interesting is that Next.js passed Vue in popularity and is less than 1% behind Angular. I guess a rising React tide lifts all boats.

Vercel AI SDK

Vercel describes this SDK as an "interoperable, streaming-enabled, edge-ready software development kit for AI apps built with React and Svelte." That's a lot of buzzwords in one sentence, but it does look intriguing. early access

We just opened up early access to our new, interactive React course – Access should be available through the weekend and close on Monday.


Migrating Netflix to GraphQL Safely

Jennifer Shin, Tejas Shikhare, and Will Emmanuel from the Netflix team wrote this interesting piece that breaks down how they migrated Netflix's iOS and Android apps from Falcor (an internal API framework) to Federated GraphQL. They go into the reasons behind this change and how they were able to do it with zero downtime.

Thinking in React Query

TKDodo shares his slides and transcript of a talk he gave recently at React Summit, which goes into the "why" and the "how" behind React Query.


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A Visual Guide to the new App Router in Next.js 13

Vishwas Gopinath wrote this helpful overview of Next's routing capabilities with a special emphasis on the new app router from Next.js 13.

Test your React hooks with Vitest efficiently

In this article, Maya Shavin explores how to use Vitest and React Testing Library to help unit test React hooks in a way that makes them easy to maintain and extend.

Colocate your routes into feature folders with Remix Custom Routes

In this aritcle, Jacob Paris makes the case for colocation and walks through how to utilize Remix Custom Routes effectively.



A new CLI tool for generating HTML files from JSX. The output is pure HTML and CSS - unless you choose to add your own JavaScript. Another way to think of this is JSX without React.

Zedux 1.0

A "molecular state engine" for React that was just recently open-sourced and released v1.0. It features a composable store model wrapped in a DI-driven atomic architecture.

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