React Newsletter #370

Building RSC from scratch, Isomorphic development, and ReactPy

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RSC From Scratch. Part 1: Server Components

Dan Abramov wrote this technical deep dive in the React Working Group repo and showed how to implement "a very simplified version" of React Server Components from scratch.

The React Ecosystem in 2023

Vishwas Gopinath wrote this helpful overview of the entire React ecosystem. It covers all of the most commonly used libraries and solutions for getting started, routing, client state management, server state management, testing, and more.

Isomorphic Development

Stephan Meijer wrote about how the isomorphic nature of server components might not actually make our jobs easier, contrary to popular opinion.


PropelAuth gives you everything you need to build auth out of the box, and it scales with you every step of the way, so you'll never need to waste time building on top of your auth provider again. Check it out. [sponsored]



Daishi Kato (the OSS wizard behind Jotai and Valtio) just released this new React framework with React Server Components.


Create beautiful, minimalist presentations with React & MDX. Built by Christoph Nakazawa.

Full Stack Starter for building AI apps with Next.js

Nader Dabit created this basic starter project for building AI apps. It embeds text files into vectors, stores them on Pinecone, and enables semantic search using GPT-3 and Langchain in a Next.js UI.


The best tool for collecting, organizing, and acting on website feedback. It lets you add sticky notes anywhere on a webpage and collects contextual info about your users. [sponsored]


This is a library for building UIs in Python without Javascript with components that look and behave similar to those found in React.


Did RSCs Really Turn React Into PHP?

It's becoming super common to say that "RSCs turned React into PHP." But is that true? In this 19-minute video, Jack Herrington takes a closer look at Next.js App Router vs PHP and examines their similarities and differences.

Next.js Server Actions... 5 awesome things you can do

This 8-minute tutorial on Beyond Fireship gives a helpful breakdown of the new Next.js server actions by demonstrating how to handle form submissions and implement optimistic updates without the need to API routes.

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