React Newsletter #369

React turns 10, Our new useHooks library, and Why you might not need React Query


React turns 10 years old 🎂

Now you can technically claim to have a decade of React experience, and no one can call you on it.

Introducing useHooks

Me and my teammates at just released this collection of server-safe React Hooks. Here's a tweet thread that gives a little more detail about the project.


RedwoodJS’ Next Epoch: All In on React Server Components

Tom Preston-Werner writes about how the RedwoodJS team has chosen to implement React Server Components (RSC) as their solution to both SSR and the many downsides of pure single page applications (SPAs).

How to Get Hired as a Developer -- free workshop TODAY

Are you struggling to land your dream job as a developer or software engineer, despite having the necessary technical skills? Join this free workshop with Nylas's engineering hiring managers today at 11am PT, where they'll share practical tips for acing your next interview. [sponsored]

You Might Not Need React Query

TkDodo shares his opinion (as a lead maintainer of React Query) about whether React Server Components will kill React Query or not.

React reconciliation: how it works and why should we care

Nadia Makarevich does a deep dive into how React's reconciliation algorithm works and how it affects our every day code.


Next.js Enterprise Boilerplate

Opinionated, enterprise-grade Next.js boilerplate for high-performance, maintainable apps. It comes with Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier, testing tools, and more.

New Radix release

This release ensures that all Radix primitives are ESM compatible and makes improvements to primitivies like Context Menu, Hover Card, Popover, and more.


A React component that lets you render content that follows your mouse.

Planby v3.0

Planby is a React-based component that lets you easily implement your own timeline. This v3 release comes with new features like endless scroll through multiple days, timezone support, RTL support, calendar mode with day/week/month options, and more.


React Roundtable: Server Components, Suspense, and Actions

To celebrate React's 10th anniversary, Delba de Oliveira (Senior Developer Advocate at Vercel) hosted this 40-minute roundtable discussion on React, Server Components, and more with Andrew Clark and Sebastian Markbåge from the React core team.

Write Once, Route Everywhere: File System-based Navigation for Native Apps

Evan Bacon gave this 30-minute talk about building navigation for a "universal React app" for iOS, Android, and the web. And he previews how Expo v2 will make that process much easier in the near future.

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