React Newsletter #368

Exploring reactivity across various frameworks, Understanding React Concurrency, and a new state management lib hits v1.0

Today's issue is sponsored by FusionAuth.

They wrote this awesome deep dive on How to add authentication to your React app. Authentication is one of those things that always takes more effort than you want. Instead of adding static libraries (that you need to update and maintain), this post shows how an auth provider can help you stay up to date automatically with pre-built components.

Check out how easy it is to add registration & log in with this React SDK from FusionAuth.


React Server Components, Next.js App Router and Examples

This article by Addy Osmani provides a brief, helpful summary of concepts and discussions around these hot new React topics for folks that want highlights.

Unveiling the Magic: Exploring Reactivity Across Various Frameworks

Misko Hevery wrote this deep dive into reactivity and compares the different ways that the most popular frameworks approach it.

New Relic Grok

Introducing New Relic Grok, the world’s first generative AI assistant for observability. New Relic Grok makes it easy for you to get the insights you need without having to make sense of tons of data. It leverages OpenAI’s large language models (LLMs) so that any engineer can use plain language and a familiar chat interface to ask questions and get insights, without prior observability experience. Observability is now as simple as asking, “Why is my cart not working?” or “Instrument AWS.” [sponsored]

Building a modern design system in layers

In this article, Dion Almaer writes, "If I were holding a React design system today, and I was offered the opportunity to go back in time, I would swap it out for a layered Web design system." Then he proceeds to lay out what that would look like.

Messenger Desktop: Faster and Smaller by moving to React Native from Electron

Christoph Purrer writes on the Meta developer blog about the Messenger Desktop team's experience moving from Electron to React Native, including why they decided to move away from Electron, why they chose React Native, the challenges they faced along the way, and how they feel about the process now that it's complete.

Understanding React Concurrency

In this article, Slava Knyazev writes about how React Concurrency works under the hood, so you can get a better idea of what's happening at the lower level.



A set of beautifully designed components built with Radix UI and Tailwind CSS. It recently released new components for forms and tasks.

Legend-State 1.0

A new React state management library that promises to be fast, easy to use, and features fine-grained reactivity and built-in persistence.

Bun.js Bundler

Not an exclusively React project, but you'll probably start seeing Bun's new bundler everywhere soon. It promises better performance than Webpack, Parcel, and even esbuild, and it will soon be part of a Bun "super-API" that will stitch the bundler together with a Bun HTTP server and file system router.

RSC Parser

A parser for React Server Components (RSC) when sent over the network.


React from Another Dimension

In this 42-minute talk from last week's Remix Conf, Dan Abramov asks us to, "imagine a world where JavaScript was mature in 2003 and had a similar role to PHP. Would React exist? And how would it evolve over time?"

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