React Newsletter #367

Highlights from App.js Conf, Expo SDK 49, and Remix Conf

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New features in Expo Router v2 and Expo SDK 49

Evan Bacon made this Twitter thread sharing some of the most impactful new features coming soon to Expo Router and the Expo SDK.


The Next.js 13 App Directory and Server Components: What You Need to Know

In this article, Hoh Shen Yien goes over all of the cool stuff you can do with the new app directory and RSC's in Next.js and their impact on routing, layouts, and more.

My Struggle With Remix

Lots of folks are talking about this article because of the way Artem (the author) was able to clearly illustrate what he sees as some of Remix's shortcomings, while also sharing some constructive suggestions and feedback for how the Remix team could address those.

How To Hydrate A Server-Side Rendered Web Component

This article by Danny Moerkerke gives an in-depth guide to lazy loading Web Components. It's not specifically React-focused, but it's interesting to compare and contrast the approach with how you'd do something similar in React.

How to Test Custom React Hooks with React Testing Library

Vishwas Gopinath wrote this helpful walkthrough for what is often a tricky exercise for many React developers: testing custom hooks.



Flashlight calls itself "the Lighthouse of React Native, Flutter, and Android apps", because it generates a performance score for your app by aggregating various performance metrics.

Swimm IDE plugins

When you're looking at code in your company's codebase, these plugins give you a subtle prompt if the line you're looking at has any internal documentation associated with it. If you click the icon, you can access and edit that documentation right inside your IDE, without having to open your browser or another tool. [sponsored]

Remotion adding support for React Native

Remotion lets you create real MP4 videos using React, and they just announced that they're working on support for React Native. Jonny Burger demo'd this in his talk at App.js Conf


App.js Conf live stream - Day 1

Lots of great talks here touching the React Native ecosystem from speakers like Charlie Cheever, Evan Bacon, Fernando Rojo, and more. Here's the link to the Day 2 live stream as well.

Remix Conf live stream - Day 1

Last week was conference week, apparently, and Remix Conf also had a bunch of great speakers, including Michael Jackson, Ryan Florence, Kent C. Dodds, Dan Abramov and more. Here's the link to Day 2.

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