React Newsletter #366

Next.js 13.4, Form actions coming to React, Why you don't need Signals in React

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Next.js 13.4

The Next team is calling this "a foundational release" because it marks the stable release of App Router, which comes with React Server Components, Nested Routes & Layouts, Simplified Data Fetching, Streaming & Suspense, and more. It also introduces the Turbopack (beta) and Server Actions (alpha), which allow you to mutate data on the server with zero client-side JavaScript.

The React Canary release channel

The React Core Team just announced that anyone is welcome to join the React Canary release channel, which gives you a chance to adopt individual new features when their design is close to final, but before they're released in a stable version.

Form actions are coming to React

According to this tweet from Dan Abramov, at least.


Why You Don't Need Signals in React

Signals are a newer state management approach that allow for more fine-grained reactivity. They've become a hot topic recently, especially with Angular 16 launching a new Signals library last week. In this article, Daishi Kato shares why React doesn't need Signals and how you can realize many of the pattern's benefits with Jotai - the React state management library he created.

5 Lessons Learned From Taking Next.js App Router to Production

In this article, Igor Gassmann does a nice job of explaining the "why" behind the main features in App Router and what he learned by implementing it in production.

Improving React Testing Library Tests

This articles covers some of the most common mistakes made when using React Testing Library, how to use specific queries to improve test coverage, the importance of *ByRole queries and lots more.

Free Fireside Chat with OpenAI

Nylas is hosting a free fireside chat on May 17th with Evan Morikawa, Applied Engineering Manager at OpenAI, and Christine Spang, Co-Founder and CTO of Nylas. They’ll discuss what it takes to deliver and maintain AI solutions at scale, what the future of OpenAI looks like, and lots more. Don’t miss it. [sponsored]

Server Components vs. SSR in Next.js

Jan Koritak shares where RSC fits into Next.js arsenal of SSR, SSG, and ISR (incremental static regeneration), and how they work together with the rest of the features in Next.js and React.



React for CLIs. Ink provides the same component-based UI building experience that React offers in the browser, but for command-line apps. It's blowing up on Hacker News right now.


A fullstack GraphQL framework for TypeScript.

The State of React - Early discussion

The creator of the popular State of JS survey is considering doing a React-only version. He opened up this GitHub thread to collect feedback and ideas, if you're interested in contributing.

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