React Newsletter #365

The interactive guide to rendering in React, Expo vs React Native, Qwik 1.0

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🕹️ The Interactive Guide to Rendering in React

I've been teaching React since 2014. Since then, despite all of React's changes, the most common misconception I see continues to be around React's rendering behavior.

In fact, if you search for “why is react rendering” on Stack Overflow, you’ll get over 8,000 results 😅.

We spent a lot of time thinking about this for and we think you'll enjoy it.

Virtual DOM: Back in Block

Aiden Bai wrote this article in defense of the Virtual DOM, specifically the Block Virtual DOM. His project, Million.js, introduces this VDOM replacement to React in order to improve performance.

How we built the Storybook Day 3D animation

In this article, Varun Vachhar dives into the nitty gritty of how he and his team used React Three Fiber to build an eye-catching 3D illustration for their Storybook Day event.

BugHerd has won multiple awards

BugHerd gives you an easy way to track bugs and manage feedback for complex websites, no matter what platform they're built on. It's used by over 10k companies, 350k users, and has received multiple awards. And you can try it free for 14 days (no credit card required!). [sponsored]

Putting the Expo vs React Native debate to rest

Matthew Pregasen wrote about the pros and cons of using Expo vs just using React Native for a cross-platform mobile app.

Use AI to Generate Pages From Your React Components

Steve Sewell wrote about how you can now use AI to generate new pages from you React components with an AI prompt.


React Native macOS v0.71

This was a big release for the popular framework for building native macOS apps with React. It brings the framework's core up to speed with iOS, Android, and Windows and it brings the new architecture from iOS to macOS.

Appwrite Cloud goes public

Appwrite is a super popular, open-source backend platform for building web and mobile apps. Historically, it always required you to self-host, but it just launched a brand new cloud offering that went public earlier this week.

Qwik 1.0

Qwik's full-stack web framework has gotten a lot of hype over the past few months, and it just launched v1.0 yesterday. Some of the unique features include JavaScript streaming, speculative code fetching, lazy execution and more.


Hundred is a "toy block virtual DOM" based on Million.js, that's designed to be a proof-of-concept learning resource. It comes with a tutorial on how to create it yourself, so you can learn what's going on with Million.js under the hood.

BSMNT Scrollytelling

A library for creating Scrollytelling animations that's powered by React and GSAP. Created by the Basement Studio Team.

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