React Newsletter #364

Techniques to take your React UI to the next level, PartyKit goes open source, and What makes Million.js so fast

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An Animated Guide to React's Optional Parameters

Jules Blom created this nice animated guide to what they describe as "not the most essential parts of React to know, but still good to have a solid understanding of." You probably won't use these every day, but it's helpful info.

Mastering React: Techniques to Take Your UI to the Next Level

In this article, Mayank Bansal walks through the process of trying to create a "perfect" nav bar for a React app by "engineering the small details to get that flawless experience."

How does Million.js work? And how is it fast?

This Tweet thread by Aiden Bai compares the "Block" Virtual DOM of Million.js with the traditional React Virtual DOM.

Integrating React Flow and the Web Audio API

In this article, Hayleigh Thompson walks you through how to create an interactive audio playground from scratch, using React Flow and the Web Audio API.

Building a blog with Next.js 13 and React Server Components

Max Leiter writes about his experience using new features in Next.js 13 and RSCs for building out his personal website. It gives a nice real-world example of how to use RSCs and Next's App Router out in the wild.


Senior or Staff Front-end Engineer is looking for an experienced React developer to help design and implement major user-facing features. Close is a 100% globally distributed team of 70 happy people, dedicated to building a product our customers love.


PartyKit goes open source

A platform for easily spinning up real-time collaborative applications on the edge. The creator, Sunil Pai, was formerly on the React Core Team and just announced at React Miami that PartyKit was going open source.

Easy Peasy v6.0

This abstraction of Redux comes with a reimagined API that tries to improve the DX of Redux while still offering most of its core features and benefits. This release comes with stabilization for effectOn and some otherwise minor features.


React Miami Day 2 Talks

A livestream of all the talks from Day 2 of last week's React Miami conference. Speakers included Una Kravets, Christopher Chedeau, Dax Raad, and more. Day 1 hasn't been posted yet, but hopefully we'll get that soon.

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