React Newsletter #363

Breaking React Query's API on purpose, Sveltris, and RSC patterns you probably don't know about

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Breaking React Query's API on purpose

Dominik wrote about how and why React Query will likely be removing the onSuccess / onError / onSettled callbacks from useQuery in RQ v5, and some more general thoughts about maintaining popular libraries.

Dan Abramov's rule of thumb for server components

A short tweet thread where Dan explains one way to know if a "server components" solution meets the RSC bar.

Server-side render dates across time zones with Remix

If you are using frameworks like Remix or Next.js (which render each page once on the server and once on the client), you can run into issues if your server and client are in different time zones. In this article, Jacob Paris walks through one way to get around this problem in Remix.

The Most Common React Design Patterns

In this beginner-friendly article, Baqir Nekfar breaks down just about everything you need to know about layout components.



Sveltris lets you piece together React primitives, like hooks and components, with Svelte. This allows you to use React libraries in Svelte and vice versa.


Shadcn just shipped some big updates to their accessible and customizable components, including theming with cSS variables, a CLI for installing the components, new components for cards and skeletons, and more.

expo-image 1.2.0

This release comes with support for ThumbHash, which comes with a few advantages over BlurHash: encodes more detail in the same space, encodes the aspect ratio, gives more accurate colors, and more.


Secret React Server Component Patterns They Don't Want You To Know

In this 23-minute video, Jack Herrington breaks down how you can use RSCs for a lot more than just the implementation in Next.js 13, and he shows how a new React framework called Wakuwork does that.

Introducing Pragmatic drag and drop

In this hour-long talk, Alex Reardon (the creator of react-beautiful-dnd) introduces a new, performance-optimized drag and drop framework that he and his co-workers at Atlassian have been working on for the last year.

React Native Beginner Tutorial

FreeCodeCamp created this 4.5-hour long introductory tutorial to React Native that covers basic topics like setup and components, plus a few more advanced topics like navigation and fetching API data.

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