React Newsletter #362

Visualizing React, Next.js 13.3, and React Aria Components (alpha)

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React, Visualized

We created this free, visual introduction to React to try and illustrate its fundamental concepts in a way that will stick in your brain. And we think you'll really enjoy it. Give it a try.

Next.js 13.3

Highlights from this release:

  • File-Based Metadata API
  • Dynamic Open Graph Images
  • Static Export for App Router
  • Parallel Routes and Interception


useEffect sometimes fires before paint

In this article, Vladimir Klepov explains how and why updating state in useLayoutEffect makes every useEffect from the same render run before paint, effectively turning them into layout effects.


React Aria Components (alpha)

A library of unstyled components built on top of the React Aria hooks. It provides a simpler way to build accessible components with custom styles, while offering the flexibility to drop down to hooks for even more customizability where needed.

CSS Components

A simple, lightweight, and customizable CSS components library that lets you wrap your CSS styles in a component-like structure. Describes itself as "not another styling system, but a lightweight utility to compose CSS styles into standard React components."

React, Visualized

Curious about what pizza and tacos can teach you about passing props? Check it out.

Unlayer Embed

A drag-and-drop email editor and page builder for your SaaS application that's embeddable and guaranteed to save you weeks of dev time. [sponsored]

Storybook for React Native 6.5

This release comes with perf improvements, support for Component Story Format, controls, and args. This was part of the larger Storybook v7.0 release.

ReacType v15.0

The prototyping tool for exporting React/Typescript applications just released a new major update, which includes migrating to Redux Toolkit, adding Tailwind CSS as a styling framework, and more.


Dan Abramov explores React Server Components with us!

In this 4-hour long livestream, Ben Holmes and Dan Abramov dive deep into all things React Server Components.

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