React Newsletter #361

Migrating from vanilla Redux to RTK, Praising Vite, and the joy of painting with React Native

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How Migrating from Vanilla Redux to Redux Toolkit Improved State Management in Shopify POS

Daniel Friyia wrote this article on the Shopify blog about their experience migrating Shopify’s Retail Point of Sale app from Vanilla Redux to Redux Toolkit.

In Praise of Vite

In this article, Scott Vandehey writes about why he loves Vite so much, especially as a replacement for more complex build tools like Webpack and Babel.

Microsoft Teams: Advantages of the new architecture

In this article, Sumi Singh writes about how Microsoft Teams was able to make significant performance improvements to its desktop app by transitioning from AngularJS to React and making some other architectural changes.

Projects update

Lots of you have asked, so we wanted to share that the domain cost us $7k (😮‍💨) and we built the site using Astro and React (🚀 + ⚛️). Also, it was designed and built by our very own Lynn Fisher (🐐) -- whose past web projects have received multiple design awards (nbd).

We'll be releasing some more goodies very soon to those who are on the email list.


A React server component for syntax highlighting with no impact on bundle size and no extra configs. Created by the Code Hike team.

react-native-webview v12

This popular WebView component for React Native just released v12 with support for the new React Native architecture, which should allow more new features to be added much more easily going forward.

Storefront UI v2

This UI library and design system for Vue and React ecomm stores just released v2, which comes with lots of new base components, new hooks, and more.

Chai Stack

Avi Avinav created this simple, opinionated React Native stack with TypeScript, Expo Router, Tailwind CSS and Zustand.


The Joy of Painting with React Native

In this 32-minute video, William Candillon rocks an awesome Bob Ross outfit and wig to show us how to "paint" in React Native with React Native Skia.

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