React Newsletter #358

React server components, benchmarking Signals, and a lot of mistakes beginners should avoid.

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What is Vite and Why Should You Use It Instead of Create React App?

If at this point you're still using Create React App, give this post a read. It breaks down why that might not be the best idea especially in a world where Vite exists.

React’s Upcoming Compiler Only Solves Part Of The Problem

Did you know React is working on an experimental compiler? Well if you didn't, this post by Angular creator Misko Hevery breaks down why it might not solve all our problems.

Benchmarking Preact Signals

Signals are all the rage now days. In this two-part blog series, the ElectricUI team takes a look at how Preact Signals compare in its various forms with React's primitives.

5 Mistakes I Made When Starting My First React Project

In this article Richard walks through some mistakes he made when he first started out with React. One of them is "using PropTypes" and as a die hard PropTypes fan I feel like that's revisionist's history 🥲.

Common React Beginner Mistakes

Lots of beginner mistakes this week, this is Josh's take.

Were React Hooks a Mistake?

Jake takes a look at the history of React including how things used to be with Class based components in order to examine if Hooks were really a step forward.


Full-Stack TypeScript with tRPC and React

In this tutorial Robin walks through creating a smallish CRUD application with Node + Express on the server and React on the client using tRPC to establish the communication between both worlds.



React Email Editor is a drag-n-drop email template builder component that makes it easy to add a solid email editor to your React apps. Designs are saved in JSON and can be exported as HTML, PDF, Image, etc. [sponsored]


React Server Components with Dan Abramov, Joe Savona, and Kent C. Dodds

In this video Kent, Dan, and Joe go on an exploration of both explaining why React Server Components exist, what problems they solve, and some other common misconceptions you may have about them.

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