React Newsletter #357

Remix v1.14, React vs. Signals, and How to make slow React Native apps faster

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Remix v1.14

This Remix upgrade comes with Hot Module Replacement via React Refresh, along with Hot Data Revalidation.


React vs Signals: 10 Years Later

Signals have been getting a lot of buzz lately, and in this article, Ryan Carniato takes a look at the history of Signals relative to React.

WTF Is Code Extraction

In this article, Miško Hevery challenges the conventional wisdom of putting server and client code in different files and argues that it's better to put them together with a method he calls "code collocation."

How To Create Dynamic Donut Charts With TailwindCSS And React

Paul Scanlon shares a super lightweight approach to creating a donut char using conic-gradient().

CarbonQA provides QA testing for dev teams

Never was engineering time on QA testing again. CarbonQA provides you with your very own team of trained QA testers who work in your tools, talk with your team on Slack, and let your devs be devs. [sponsored]

Modularizing React Applications with Established UI Patterns

In this in-depth article, Martin Fowler explores the application of established UI building patterns to the React world, with a refactoring journey code example to showcase the benefits. He places particular emphasis on how layering architecture can help organize the React application for improved responsiveness and future changes.

Sentry’s Frontend Tests: Migrating from Enzyme to React Testing Library

Priscila Oliveira and Scott Cooper wrote about their team at Sentry's journey of converting their component tests from Enzyme to React Testing Library -- which took 16 month and spanned 803 test suites and 4,937 tests.

How to make slow React Native apps faster

James Lee wrote on the Retool blog about three React Native optimizations that he and his team implemented to make the Retool mobile app as fast and fluid as possible.

React is the New IBM

"Nobody ever got fired for using IBM." In this article, Charles Chen looks at how that sentiment is similar to how many dev teams view React today, and gives his argument for why that isn't a good thing.


Mantine 6.0

This v6 release of the popular component library includes a migration to rem/em units, automatic px to rem conversion, and updated dates package, and lots more.


Tianhe Yang created this Figma plugin that allows you to convert and export icons as React components, and pushes changes directly to your GitHub repos.

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