React Newsletter #356

Next.js 13.2, Expo 48, and Why useEffect may not be the best abstraction

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Next.js 13.2

This release has a lot of new features focused on getting the app Router ready for a stable release. Highlights include:

  • New Metadata API
  • Custom Route Handlers
  • Next.js Cache
  • Statically Typed links

Expo 48

  • Hermes replaces JSC as the default JavaScript engine.
  • Expo Image v1.0 -- Cross-platform React component that loads and renders images; it’s designed for speed and supports modern image formats.
  • Expo Router v1.0 -- New filesystem-based routing API built on top of React Navigation.


Why useEffect May Not Be the Best Abstraction

We all love useEffect, but in this article, Miško Hevery writes about some use cases where useEffect is not the best abstraction and shares some different ways of thinking about it.


React Email Editor is a drag-n-drop email template builder component that makes it easy to add a solid email editor to your React apps. Designs are saved in JSON and can be exported as HTML, PDF, Image, etc. [sponsored]

Unlayer's Drag and Drop Editor for SaaS

Make it easy for your SaaS customers to create beautiful and responsive emails and websites with Unlayer. It's a great way to unlock a ton of new functionality for your SaaS app without having to do a ton of extra work. Win-win. [sponsored]

React Libraries for 2023

Robin Wieruch's newly updated article provides some (opinionated) guidance on how to choose libraries for building React apps in 2023.

React is holding me hostage

In this article, EmNudge gets a little dramatic when describing their love-hate relationship with React. But despite the title, it actually provides a fairly nuanced argument about some of React's pros and cons, while briefly walking through 7+ years of React history.



A VS Code extension that lets you easily view your React components in a hierarchical tree.


Moishi Netzer created this zero-config, reusable component framework for React. It's an all-in-one tool to quickly create and publish a high-quality component library, taking care of tedious setup and ensuring best practices.

PrimeReact v9

PrimeReact bills itself as "the most complete" React UI component library. This v9 release includes brand new docs, 700+ new demos, and 90+ components, hooks and themes.

react-native-graph v1.0

A high-performance, Skia-based line graph rendering library for React Native that just launched v1.0.


A Rust crate that lets you compile MDX to JavaScript in Rust.


Are React Server Components web-only or can they be used anywhere?

Evan Bacon from the Expo team made this 7-minute Twitter video to explore what it might look like if Expo added React Server Components for native iOS and Android platforms.

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