React Newsletter #355

useSignal is the future of frameworks, Remix v1.13.0, and The State of React Native

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Next.js Route Handlers

Next just added Route Handlers -- a new way to create custom request handlers for a given route. All HTTP methods are supported, including GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, HEAD, and OPTIONS.


useSignal() is the Future of Web Frameworks

A signal is a way to store the state of your application, similar to useState() in React. In this article, Miško Hevery writes about some of the key differences between the two approaches, and shares why he believes Signals have the edge. Andrew Clark tweeted his own thoughts about signals last week too, from the React perspective.

360-Degree Guide to Building a Mobile App with React Native

This comprehensive guide will help you discover the specific use cases where React Native should be considered. It will also take you through selection, validation, and the four-stage process of bringing a mobile app to market. [sponsored]

Technical SEO Basics for React Developers

Vincas Stonys created this 12-step SEO checklist for React developers to go through before launching any website, along with some helpful explanations and examples for each one.

Understanding App Directory Architecture In Next.js

In this article, Atila Fassina explores the advantages and pitfalls of this new strategy introduced in Next.js 13, and reflects on whether you should use it in production now or not.


Senior Full Stack Engineer

Motion is looking for experienced TypeScript engineers to build the next generation of productivity tools. You'll inform key frontend architectural decisions that help Motion scale the next 2 order of magnitudes, create delightful user-facing features, and improve application performance. We are an ambitious team of 15 people distributed remotely across North America. This job is remote-friendly with a salary range of $160k-210k.


Remix v1.13.0

This release adds built-in support for PostCSS and Tailwind to Remix.

Camome UI

A lightweight, accessible UI framework for React and CSS.

State of React Native survey results

Almost 2,000 developers took this survey to share their opinions on different React Native tools and libraries for state management, data fetching, styling, and more.

Radix primitives get their own Tailwind demos

Every single Radix primitive now has its own Tailwind CSS demo, so you can copy/paste the primitives you want from the Radix docs for Tailwind.

React Hook Form goes framework agnostic

This popular form library decided to spread its wings beyond React and go framework agnostic.


The Story of React

We made this 10-minute video a year ago about how React took over the world, and I think you'll like it.

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