React Newsletter #354

Vercel Cron Jobs, Remixing Shopify, and Resilient Relay Apps

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Vercel Cron Jobs coming next week

Lee Robinson shared the news on Twitter, along with a screenshot of a Vercel Serverless Function which exports a configuration option that takes a cron expression.

Shopify is Remixing Hydrogen

Fresh off Shopify's acquisition of Remix, the Hydrogen team just announced that they'll be partnering with the Remix team to rewrite Hydrogen from the ground up in Remix.

Expo SDK 48 beta is now available

Notable changes include a v1 Release Candidate of the expo-image component, EAS Build M1 workers as the default for iOS builds, and Hermes as the default JavaScript engine.


Resilient Relay Applications

Ernie Turner is Staff Engineer at Coinbase, which has thoroughly adopted Relay in their applications. In this article, he wrote about the common patterns and best practices for dealing with missing data in a Relay application, particularly as it relates to their concerns at Coinbase.

The key to good component design is selfishness

Daniel Yuschick wrote about problems that can arise when translating components from design to development and how you can avoid them with "selfish" component design.

Monitor your React Native application

New Relic's React Native agent is a great way to monitor cross-platform apps. This section of their docs breaks down exactly how it works and how you can easily get started. [sponsored]

The Case for Frameworks

Laurie Voss wrote this article in response to a different article that was very critical of JavaScript frameworks and modern web development generally.

Improved type safety in Storybook 7

In this article, Kasper Peulen (from the Storybook team) breaks down how Storybook 7 uses CSF3 syntax combined with the TypeScript satisfies operator to give you stricter types and an improved developer experience.



A React Hooks library for local-first apps with end-to-end encrypted backup and sync using SQLite and CRDT.

Better Folding

Mohammad Baqer created this VS Code Extenstion to improve folding in VS Code with features like folding closing brackets and tags, folding multi-line self enclosing tags, showing the number of folded lines, and more.


NextJS 13 Performance Showdown!

In this 10-minute video, Jack Herrington does a great, head-to-head performance comparison of NextJS 13, NextJS 12, and Astro across three applications.

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