React Newsletter #353

Netlify acquires Gatsby, RedwoodJS v4, and the future of Create React App


Netlify acquires Gatsby

This is the end of an era for Gatsby, which first started back in 2015. Netlify is really excited about incorporating Gatsby's Valhalla Content Hub into its own cloud platform, but the Gatsby framework will continue to be open source.

RedwoodJS v4

This biggest highlights from this release are a new Auth API and enhanced GraphQL security.


Resumable React: How To Use React Inside Qwik

Yoav Ganbar (from the Qwik team) demonstrates how you can build React apps, and leverage almost the entirety of the React ecosystem, without ever loading React in the user's browser.

The future of Create React App

Dan Abramov wrote this very long response to Theo Browne's PR about replacing CRA with Vite, where he shares the React Core Team's thinking about the future of CRA, including five options they are considering going forward. TLDR - Right now, they're leaning towards turning CRA into a "launcher."

The Future (and the Past) of the Web is Server Side Rendering

Andy Jiang wrote on the Deno blog about the history of server side rendering that has brought us to where we are today, and what the future of SSR looks like.

The Ignite Cookbook for React Native

This is a collection of recipes for common patterns that the Ignite community uses sometimes, but don't belong in the Ignite boilerplate directly.

The Key To Good Component Design Is Selfishness

Daniel Yuschick writes about how, when translating components from design to development, it’s common to find properties that relate to the content and not to the component itself. He argues that this considerate approach to component design creates complicated props, steeper learning curves, and eventual technical debt -- which can be avoided with self-interested component design.

Why React isn't dying

If you spend too much time on tech Twitter, it's easy to buy into the noise that React is on the decline in a major way. But in this article, Dominik makes a compelling argument for why that is definitely not the case.


Senior Full Stack Engineer

Motion is looking for experienced TypeScript engineers to build the next generation of productivity tools. You'll inform key frontend architectural decisions that help Motion scale the next 2 order of magnitudes, create delightful user-facing features, and improve application performance. We are an ambitious team of 15 people distributed remotely across North America. This job is remote-friendly with a salary range of $160k-210k.


Nextra 2

This Next.js SSG framework just launched v2 with MDX 2 support, Next.js 13 support, Markdown import, image and links optimizations, and more.

Jotai v2

Jotai just released v2 of its "bottom-up approach" to global React state management. This release makes it fully compatible with React 18 and the upcoming use hook.


Andrew Clark on the Creation of Redux

In this 7-minute video, Andrew Clark talks about the creation of Redux -- including how it came to be, the impact it's had, and what the future of Redux looks like.

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