React Newsletter #351

Expo Router v1, Why you should be using a React framework, and a cure for useState Hell

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Expo Router v1 Release Candidate

This is big news for React Native fans because it brings file-based navigation to native apps for the first time ever.


Andrew Clark's React framework tweet thread

The React Core Team member starts off this thread saying, "If you use React, you should be using a React framework," then proceeds to give his reasoning behind that statement 🍿.

A Cure for useState Hell

Steve Sewell writes about "a more powerful alternative to useState" that can help you avoid some its most common problems.

Cross-platform support with React Native and mobile monitoring

The New Relic team wrote this blog post about how you can use their platform to better monitor your React Native apps by tracking user traffic and network latency, capturing and tracing JavaScript errors, and more. [sponsored]

Async React with NextJS 13

In this article, Swizec Teller writes about the native async support that's coming soon to React, and how it makes Suspense easier to use.

How to debounce and throttle in React without losing your mind

Nadia Makarevich writes about what debouncing and throttling are, how to use them in React properly, and how to avoid breaking them when state and re-renders are involved.


Senior Full Stack Engineer

Motion is looking for experienced TypeScript engineers to build the next generation of productivity tools. You'll inform key frontend architectural decisions that help Motion scale the next 2 order of magnitudes, create delightful user-facing features, and improve application performance. We are an ambitious team of 15 people distributed remotely across North America. This job is remote-friendly with a salary range of $160k-210k.

Experience TypeScript + React Developer

Beatgrid is looking for experienced TS + React developers to help build next-gen web apps for clients like Google, Pepsi, and Virgin. We are a Netherlands-based technology scale-up growing exponentially. When working at Beatgrid, you'll have direct impact and ownership of the products you develop. Join the adventure and grow with us! This job is based in the Netherlands with a salary range of €50k-75k.

Want to get your job in front of thousands of experienced React developers? Let us know.


Inertia.js 1.0

A library that lets you create modern single-page React, Vue, and Svelte apps using classic server-side routing. It aims to be the glue that connects client-side frameworks like React with server-side frameworks like Laravel.

DSFR React component library

This is the French Government's official React component library, which they just recently outsourced.


Building Great Forms with React Hook Form & Zod

In this 90-minute video, Vlad Nicula walks you through how to build a sign up form and integrate it with a dummy backend API. He discusses the structure of the form, the separation of concerns in a few components, validation using Zod, as well as handling server errors.

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