React Newsletter #350

React Native 0.71, Remix 1.10.0, and The ugliest pattern in React

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They created this super in-depth tutorial that covers everything you need to know about How to use OAuth to add authentication to any React app. It's a great read.


React Native 0.71

This release introduces TypeScript by default, simplified layouts with Flexbox Gap, web-inspired props for accessibility, styles and events, new architecture updates, and much more.

Remix 1.10.0

This is a big release that completes the "React Router-ing of Remix" and paves the way for new features like streaming and deferred rendering.

New Radix release

Radix just released a new update to its popular open-source component library. This release introduces a brand new primitive: Menubar. It also adds support for a highly requested feature for Select: the ability to position the content in a similar way to Popover or DropdownMenu.

Expo Announces General Availability of M1 workers on EAS Build

On a "simple yet non-trivial app," the Expo team found that build times for the exact same codebase were reduced by ~40% just by switching from Intel to M1 workers.


The Ugliest Pattern In React

Sebastian Carlos writes about a very ugly pattern recommended in the new React docs for the rare case in which you might want to adjust state in response to rendering.

How We Rebuilt React DevTools with Replay Routines

Mark Erikson writes about how the React DevTools work, how he and his team originally implemented support for capturing React DevTools data during recording, and how they rebuilt that support using “Replay Routines” - a new and novel technique based on runtime analysis.

The Embeddable Drag and Drop Editor for SaaS

Unlayer created this plug-and-play editor and page builder for your web application that massively cuts down on development time and cost. [sponsored]

Embedding Our New React UI in Go

In this article, George MacRorie writes about migrating the Flipt UI from Vue to React and some of the interesting experiments they tried along the way.

Rethinking the Component API

The Excalidraw team shares their initial take of what their new component API will look like, what it will allow you to do, and the changes they've implemented along the way.


Experience TypeScript + React Developer

Beatgrid is looking for experienced TS + React developers to help build next-gen web apps for clients like Google, Pepsi, and Virgin. We are a Netherlands-based technology scale-up growing exponentially. When working at Beatgrid, you'll have direct impact and ownership of the products you develop. Join the adventure and grow with us!

Want to get your job in front of thousands of experienced React developers? Let us know.


Did Next.js 13 Break State Management?

In this 15-minute video, Jack Herrington speaks about how Next 13 changes the state management game forever, and how we now have to support two different ways to get state for React Server Components and the traditional client components.

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