React Newsletter #35

Painless immutability, reusable React components, and templates for building React.js frontends in ASP.NET Core and MVC5

Another week, another newsletter. It's amazing how much more content there is to curate through today than there was a few years ago when we started this project. As always, if you have something you'd like in the newsletter, let us know on twitter at @tylermcginnis33 or @eanplatter. Thanks for all the support.

Painless immutability - Math.random()

At this point you probably understand the benefits of using immutable data structures. However, you might not understand the tradeoffs between different immutable libraries. Well, look no further. Here's a trade-off comparison of Immutable.js, Seamless-immutable and Timm

Reusable React Component with Overridable Inline CSS Styles

If you're building a component and using any in-line styles and you're not careful you can lock the consumer of you're component out of potential customizations they may require for their specific use-case (that you can't think of or foresee). Trying to build components to be reusable and a little more OCP can be challenging especially with how difficult it can be to get css layouts the way you (or the consumer of you're component) may want...

Templates for building React.js front-ends in ASP.NET Core and MVC5

When attempting to use React, it's not always obvious to know how to interact with different types of backends. This article takes us through working with ASP.NET and React.

Using a Redux store in your React.js application

This article is about the benefits of using the Redux library in your React application, followed by a detailed description on how to use Redux. These descriptions use code snippets from a open-source sample application which contains a React application called Kanban inside a ASP.NET Core web application.

A Case for setState

"State management is hard. And a lot of very smart and very vocal people each have their own opinion on the best way it should be done. Unfortunately, people gravitate towards loud voices and shiny things, even when the blunt hammer drives the straightest nail."

Handling React Forms with Mobx Observables

In React, you're left to your own devices in a lot of ways, sometimes it's great, but sometimes it sucks. Writing forms seems to be one of those sucky things to do in React. Do you use defaultValue? Mirror your form value with your state? Use a ref?

Mobx is a really simple api for managing application state, similar to redux, and it can help you better manage your forms.


8 hours of live sessions with an expert React instructor

Learning alone is hard - we get it. Getting stuck and not being able to find a solution on StackOverflow is even more frustrating - we hear you.

What if you can learn with others and get instant feedback from an expert React instructor?

Join us for Codementor's online live class and build a real-time chat app in React with an expert. Class starts June 30 - check out the curriculum now.


Introducing Nova: A new kind of back-end for React apps

If you look around the web, you’ll quickly realize that a lot of apps fit the same overall model: a user-generated feed of items, usually with the ability to leave comments on these items. Instagram, Reddit, Product Hunt, WordPress blogs, they all follow the same pattern.

This means whenever you start a new project, a lot of time is spent essentially recreating the same features: paginated feeds, user accounts, comments, and especially forms (so many forms!).

Nova’s goal is to take care of all the boring stuff, and make creating this kind of app drastically easier.

Introducing React SkyLight

React SkyLight is a simple react component for modals and dialogs. Powerful, lightweight and customizable design.

Introducing React Horizon

In this article Roman Liutikov introduces a work in progress idiomatic solution for React applications built on top of Horizon’s client library which can be used to build realtime applications with RethinkDB Horizon platform.


React Amsterdam 2016 Talks

Odds are you missed React Amsterdam. No worries - all the talks are now online and ready for your consumption.

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