React Newsletter #349

React Native adds first-class TypeScript support, Type-safe React Query, and Shopify's move to React Native

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React Native Adds First-class Support for TypeScript

The upcoming v0.71 release of React Native will feature a new app template that is TypeScript by default, built-in type declarations, and updated documentation that is "TypeScript first."


Migrating Shopify's Largest Mobile App to React Native

Mauricio de Meirelles (from the Shopify mobile team) wrote about why and how they migrated Shopify's flagship mobile app to React Native over a two-year period.

Use Cases for React's ref Callback

In this article, Jules Blom writes about everything you need to know about this niche feature of React, and how to apply it to some legitimate use cases.

Type-safe React Query

Dominik writes all about incorporating type safety into your React Query code.



A new Typesafe React form library that comes with a lot less boilerplate than other libraries, without sacrificing customizability. Created by Isaac Way.


An opinionated template for creating fullstack universal apps with Expo, Next, tRPC, Prisma, and Tamagui.

React Wrap Balancer

A simple React Component that makes your titles more readable in different viewport sizes. Created by Shu Ding.


React Streaming In Depth

In this 50-minute video, Jack Herrington demonstrates how you can implement React streaming with React 18, Next.js, and Remix, and he also shows you how you can build your own DIY SSR server.

Skia Shaders and the SDF of a Line

In this 35-minute video, William Candillon (the creator of React Native Skia) walks through how to build shaders using React Native Skia and dives into the concept of Signed Distance Functions.

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