React Newsletter #348

Tamagui 1.0, NextAuth goes framework agnostic, and Zustand vs Signals

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React Team is renaming useEvent to useEffectEvent

They are also reducing its scope, saying that it's now "only meant to be used in combination with effects."

Tamagui v1.0 release

A suite of libraries for building UI's that run well on both React and React Native. It got a lot of buzz in 2022, and it's exciting to see this v1 release out in the wild.

NextAuth.js is going framework agnostic

The most popular authentication library for Next.js apps (300,000 weekly npm downloads) announced that it will be expanding to support other frameworks. They released an experimental version of SvelteKit Auth and more will be coming soon.


A React Developer’s First Take on Solid

Jake Lazaroff wrote about his experiences using Solid.js for the first time as a longtime React developer. He discusses ways that it is different and similar to React, things he likes about it, and shares whether or not he'll continue using Solid going forward.

Zustand vs. Signals

Kevin Schaffter wrote this good comparison piece with lots of code examples on two state management libraries that burst onto the scene in 2022.

Build your own synthetic user testing

In this article, the New Relic team teaches you everything you need to know about synthetic user testing by walking you through the steps of building your own example. [sponsored]

React Native is not the future

The team behind the Standard Notes app wrote this opinionated piece about why React Native is not the future for their app, and why other projects might abandon it in the future as well. (It's always good to take posts like this with a grain of salt 🙂)



A GraphQL and React based ecommerce platform with essential commerce features that are modular and fully customizable.


A set of opinionated React components for creating interactive math visualizations.

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OpenNext takes the Next.js build output and converts it into a package that can be deployed to any functions as a service platform. It is working on support for all Next.js 13 features.


Reflections on a career managing React with Tom Occhino

Benjamin Dunphy interviewed Tom Occhino for one hour at a16z's React.js Holiday party. They discussed how React changed the web, React Server Components, performance optimizations, React Native, and more.

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