React Newsletter #347

Comparing JavaScript backend frameworks, Migrating a legacy OSS React app to Next.js, and uselessHooks

This issue is sponsored by Sleuth.

They created The Truth about Developer Productivity Metrics -- a really helpful guide on how to use metrics to improve your team's productivity *without* singling out individual developers or destroying your team's culture. It's a great read.

Check it out.


Pointer Events in React Native

This is an experimental cross-platform pointer API for React Native. Luna Wei and Vincent Riemer (from the RN team) wrote about motivations behind it, how it works, and its benefits to React Native users.


Next, Nest, Nuxt… Nust?

Marius Obert wrote about the process of selecting a new JavaScript backend framework. It does a good job walking through all of the similarities and differences between Gatsby, Next, Nuxt, and Nest.

Migrating a large, open-source React application to Next.js and Vercel

Michael Novotny (DX engineer at Vercel) wrote about the process of migrating a large OSS React app to Next.js and Vercel, in order to demonstrate what the process looks like for older React apps. They removed 20,000+ lines of code and 30+ dependencies, and this post walks through each step of that process.

The Truth about Developer Productivity Metrics

In this guide, the Sleuth team (led by one of Jira’s founding engineers) writes about how you can measure and improve developer productivity without weaponizing metrics for performance reviews. [sponsored]

Rewriting our core React App in Vanilla JS

Maya Kyler wrote about how and why she and her team rewrote their Waitlist Widget in pure HTML and Vanilla JS.

Applying Design Patterns in React: Strategy Pattern

In this article, Hugo shares how you can use the Strategy Design Pattern to solve a common issue in React and frontend development: having a piece of logic implemented throughout different components, hooks, utils, etc.


GitHub Unwrapped

Jonny Burger and the Remotion team built a fun version of "Spotify Wrapped" for your GitHub statistics with a personalized video and animations.


This library from Evan Bacon gives MDX support for React Native projects.


A collection of "useless React Hooks to impress your coworkers" and help you look smart and hardworking 😂.

New React Spectrum release

This release comes with a new (still in beta) TableView feature, and some improvements to performance and types.

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