React Newsletter #346

Storybook v7, SWR v2, and Optimizing web fonts in Next.js 13

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Storybook v7

The biggest highlight from this update is the new Framework API, which makes it a lot easier to configure for any framework. It already has "zero-config" support for Vite, and that is coming soon for Next.js, SvelteKit, Nuxt, and Remix.

SWR v2

This popular React data-fetching library enables components to fetch, cache, and mutate data and keeps the UI up-to-date with changes in that data over time. This new release come with new mutation APIs, improved optimistic UI capabilities, new DevTools, and better support for concurrent rendering.


How I'd build a social web app like Twitter today

Paul Armstrong was on the team that built the original Twitter web app, and in this article, he writes about what he would do differently if he were building a similar social web app like Twitter today (one spoiler: he wouldn't use React Native Web again).

Optimizing Web Fonts in Next.js 13

In this article, Lydia Hallie writes about how you can navigate web font challenges using some new functionality in Next.js 13.

Using Path Matching in React Router

In this brief article, Tania Rascia breaks down her process for overcoming an issue she encountered with some repetitive markup in her app.


Codux is a new visual IDE created specifically for React projects.

A new visual IDE specifically for React that lets you visually edit projects side-by-side with your code editor, so you can see your changes reflected instantly.

Developer Nation Survey

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Nextra v2

A for creating docs sites and content sites that's based on Next.js and shares some similarities with Docusaurus.

React Reader 1.0

Gives you an easy way to embed an ePub into your React web app, powered by EpubJS.


A cross-platform set of components that's based on the Mitosis library and can be used in React, Angular, Preact, Qwik, Solid, Svelte, Vue and Web Components.

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