React Newsletter #345

Inside React Query, Solito v2, and Is React going anywhere?

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Inside React Query

In this article, TkDodo (from the React Query team) takes you under the hood of how React Query works internally, and answers questions about how it knows when to re-render, how it de-duplicates things, and more.

Improving React Interaction Times by 4x

The Causal team wrote about how they employed various optimizations to make some major performance improvements to their cloud-based spreadsheet for building collaborative financial models and other data-heavy projects.

Data Structures In Frontend JavaScript In The Real World

Johannes Kettmann uses some React code examples to give some simple, helpful explanations for data structures that we encounter in the real world -- without using too much deep CS jargon.

Is React going anywhere?

Ruben Casas writes about his discussion with the CTO of an ecomm company about the reasons that their team decided to move away from using React, and shares his thoughts on if these ideas are shared by more team leaders in the industry.

Speeding up the JavaScript ecosystem - one library at a time

Marvin Hagemeister writes about (and demonstrates) how most popular libraries can be sped up by avoiding unnecessary type conversions or by avoiding creating functions inside functions.


Solito v2

Solito is a navigation library for unifying React Native with Next.js. This v2 release brings a new solito/image for optimizing cross-platform images, Next 13 support, and more.

React Unity WebGL

Jeffrey Lanters created this modern solution for embedding Unity WebGL build in your React app. It also provides advanced APIs for two-way communication and interaction between Unity and React.


Prabhu Murthy created this powerful image grid for React that's highly customizable and built with TypeScript.


Stop Writing Fake React Code

In this 8-minute video, Jack Herrington shares how common it is for some React developers to write "fake" React code (that really should be vanilla JS code), and how you can avoid doing it yourself.

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