React Newsletter #343

Next.js TypeScript Plugin, Inside Framer's Magic Motion, and What's up with refs?

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Next.js TypeScript Language Server Plugin

This new plugin will make your life a lot easier if you love using TypeScript and Next together.

New Drag and drop support for React Aria and React Spectrum

This includes a suite of hooks for implementing drag and drop interactions, with support for both mouse and touch, as well as full parity for keyboard and screen reader input. It's made to be flexible, accessible, and customizable.


Inside Framer's Magic Motion

Nanda Syahrasyad wrote this helpful, interactive guide on how to recreate Framer's magical layout animations.

Working with Zustand

Dominik writes all about his experience working with Zustand for the first time. This is an interesting look at what it's like to use this state management library that isn't the most popular option out there, but is quickly gaining a strong following.

Fetching and caching Supabase data in Next.js 13 Server Components

Supabase is an open-source Firebase alternative that is quickly gaining lots of adoption. This article (from the Supabase team) looks at how you can use the brand new async components in React and Next.js 13 to simplify fetching and caching data from Supabase.

What's up with refs in React?

Angela Wang from the Remotion team writes about her team's experience trying to build a web video call experience using the Zoom Video SDK, and what they learned from using React refs to pass DOM elements to an external API.


Experienced Typescript and React developer

Beatgrid is looking for an experienced Typescript and React developer to help develop next-gen web apps. We are a Netherlands-based technology startup that is growing exponentially each year. Join the adventure and grow with us!

Senior or Staff Frontend Engineer - React (100% Remote) is looking for an experienced React developer to help design, implement and launch major user-facing features. Close is a 100% globally distributed team of 65 high-performing, happy people that are dedicated to building a product our customers love.


Timeline of a React Component With Hooks

Jules Blom created this interactive diagram that shows the order in which functional components run hooks to help you learn how to write more effective React code. It even comes with a quiz at the end.


The universal File System-based Expo Router

Evan Bacon (from the Expo team) spoke about how navigation is the hardest unsolved problem in cross-platform development, how FS-based routing is the best way to build routes, and how the new Expo Router brings FS-based to native.

Using Fonts in Next.js

In this 6-minute video, Lee Robinson shares how to use @next/font (the new & improved font optimization in Next.js 13) for both local and remote fonts from Google.

Next.js is a backend framework

Theo Browne gave this 12-minute talk about why Next (and now React) is actually more of a backend framework with the new features of React 18 and Next 13.

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