React Newsletter #341

React Native podcast, React Router-ing Remix, and Remix Vite

This issue is sponsored by Callstack's React Native Show.

This is one of the best React Native podcasts, and this episode does a great deep dive on the most important things for you to know about the new React Native architecture.


React Native to use TypeScript by default for new apps

This change moves the default new application template from Flow to TypeScript. This better aligns with the communities usage, and aligns to the great work that has been happening for TS codegen and built-in types.

Expo SDK 47 beta

This beta release REact Native 0.70.4 and React 18.1.0, experimental support for Fabric, and v1.0 of a new Expo Modules API.

Redux Toolkit v1.9

This release adds new options for RTK Query's createApi and fetchBaseQuery APIs, adds a new upsertQueryData util, rewrites RTKQ's internals for improved performance, and more.


React Router-ing Remix

Matt Brophy (a staff developer at Remix) wrote about how the Remix team brought all of the Remix Data API's (loaders, actions, fetchers, etc.) over to React Router with the recent release of React Router 6.4.

4 Ways to Style KendoReact Components

Whether you’re just swapping out primary colors or completely re-skinning the whole library with a custom design, KendoReact makes it easy to change up the look and feel of their components. This blog post shares 4 easy ways to do it.

A love letter to React

Chris McCord wrote about all the things that first drew him to React years ago, what he still loves about it today, and how it has shaped his work at Phoenix.

Creating a registration and a login with two-factor authentication on React

Nevo David wrote this tutorial to walk you through each step of how to build 2FA with React, Novu, and Node.js.


Senior or Staff Frontend Engineer - React (100% Remote) is looking for an experienced React developer to help design, implement and launch major user-facing features. Close is a 100% globally distributed team of 65 high-performing, happy people that are dedicated to building a product our customers love.


Remix Vite

A dev server for Remix applications that adds support for Vite's HMR, making it faster and easier to prototype front-end UI's. Created by Mayke Freitas.


GradeJS analyzes production Webpack bundles without having access to the source code of a website. It also shows you which websites are using a specific technology (like React), which version(s) of that technology they're using, and more.

Qwik React

Qwik React allows you to use React components in Qwik, including the whole ecosystem of component libraries, such as Material UI, Threejs and React Spring.

Podcast - React Native New's Architecture

This episode of the React Native Show features Łukasz Chludziński talking in-depth with Nicola Corti (a Senior Android Developer at Meta) about the main concepts around React Native's new architecture.

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