React Newsletter #34

The bare minimum to work with React, the sugar and spice of React Native, and using MobX to manage React component state


The bare minimum to work with React

Setting up a React app can be exceedingly complex, it's so malleable that people often introduce a lot of excess information when attempting to ease folks into it. Krasimir Tsonev takes us through the bare bones requirements for getting started with React.

React Native: It’s not all sugar and spice

If you've spent any time doing serious development on a React Native project, then this isn't news to you. In just a few months React Native jumped from v0.17 to v0.26 with a lot of improvements and api updates. While this is a good thing it can wreak havoc on projects.

Using MobX to manage React Component State

MobX is a delightfully simple API for managing application and component state in React. Rather than working through the traditional flux model of dispatchers, MobX has more of an observables feel. Michel Weststrate (author of MobX) talks about his experience with MobX and how it's helped him create a cleaner and less error prone code.


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Adding Authentication to Your React Native App Using JSON Web Tokens

We're going to look at getting started with a very simple React Native app and the use of JSON Web Tokens to provide authentication for it. React Native is an innovative way to use a common language to build native apps for multiple platforms, and JWTs go nicely along with it to provide stateless authentication for our users that integrates well with almost any service we would need.


Define React presentational components with CSS

Styling in React isn't as straight forward as creating a CSS file and linking it into your index.html; while there are a host of tools to solve the problem of styling in React, it's always good to see some more! Andrey Popp's library allows you to define React presentational components with CSS

React D3 Library

All of your D3 will now be compiled into React Elements which allows the ability to use React's diffing algorithm for full optimization! If you've struggling with D3 in React due to it's dependencies on jQuery, this might help.

React Enroute

Tj Holowaychuk is pretty smart. Here's a new React router he's been working on with a small footprint for modern browsers.

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