React Newsletter #338

New Suspense RFC, Improving React Native, and Is streaming worth it?

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New Suspense RFC

Andrew Clark wrote this RFC that gives an update on the long awaited Suspense for Data Fetching. We broke this down in great detail in yesterday's Bytes issue if you want our take.

How can we improve React Native?

The React Native team is looking for feedback to improve the developer experience of React Native. So if you have anything that you've been dying to get off your chest, here's your chance.

Rollup v3

The popular bundling tool just released v3 with some major upgrades. Last year, Nathan Sebhastian wrote a good blog post about trying Rollup for React applications, as opposed to the Webpack default.


Streaming: Is it worth it?

Misko Hevery, Taylor Hunt & Ryan Carniato teamed up to write this article examining the benefits and tradeoffs of streaming HTML to a browser as your server generates it vs. buffering, where the server generates a page’s full HTML and only then sends the HTML to the browser.

Cross-platform support with React Native and mobile monitoring

This article walks through how you can use New Relic to track user traffic and network latency of your React Native-instrumented applications and to capture/trace JavaScript errors in order to more effectively monitor your React Native app before there's a major problem. [sponsored]

Prioritise content over components

Simeon Griggs writes about how "components-first thinking can condemn reusable text and images into single-use decorations, arranged with explicit curation," and gives some thoughts on how to avoid that trap.

A (Mostly) Complete Guide to React Rendering Behavior (updated)

Mark Erikson first wrote this popular article back in May 2020, but he recently updated it to cover React 18 and future React updates.

The Web's Next Transition

In this article, Kent C. Dodds writes about how, "the most popular architecture employed by web developers today is the Single Page App (SPA), but we are transitioning to a new and improved architecture for building web applications." He goes on to share more thoughts about where he believes that transition is taking us.

How to Build SVG Line Charts with React, SSR and Tailwind CSS

Paul Scanlon walks you through how to roll your own SVG line charts in React with SSR, using either Next.js or Gatsby.


Frontend Architect or Senior Full Stack Engineer

Motion is looking for experienced Typescript engineers to build the next generation of productivity tools. You will inform key frontend architectural decisions that help Motion scale the next 2 order of magnitudes, create delightful user-facing features, and improve application performance. We are an ambitious team of 15 people distributed remotely across North America. Compensation range: $160-225k.

Senior or Staff Front-end Engineer -- React (100% Remote) is looking for 2 experienced individuals that have a solid understanding of React and want to help design, implement and launch major user-facing features. Close is a 100% globally distributed team of ~65 high-performing, happy people that are dedicated to building a product our customers love.


Why web tech is like it is

Steve Sanderson gave this incredible keynote at NDC Conf that gives a comprehensive look at the history of web development, why we use the tools that we use today, and where we might be going in the future.

From React to htmx on a real-world SaaS product: we did it, and it's awesome!

In this 26-minute talk, David Guillot speaks about how he and his team took the plunge and replaced a 2-years-in-the-making React UI of their SaaS product with simple Django templates and htmx in a couple of months. He shares their experiences, including a few concrete indicators to try and convince you to consider doing the same.

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