React Newsletter #335

Expo Router, Saving React, and Signal boosting

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Medusa is the #1 React-based ecommerce platform on GitHub. During October, they're launching their first Medusa Hackathon with prizes up to $1,500 and free Swag.

Check it out and read more about their open-source solution and sign up for the Hackathon! We are huge Medusa fans ❤️


Qwik Beta

Qwik is a new, HTML-first framework that's focused on SSR and claims to offer the "fastest possible page load times, regardless of the complexity of your website." It's created by Miško Hevery (creator of AngularJS), Manu Almeida (co-reator of Gin and Stencil), and Adam Bradley (co-creator of Ionic and Stencil), and the mental model is very similar to React (component-driven).

They also released a meta-framework called Qwik City that comes with directory base routing, data fetching, bundle optimization, prefetching, streaming, and more. We did a deep dive in Monday's issue of Bytes.

RFC for File System-Based Native Routing with Expo and React Native

Evan Bacon wrote about how Expo's new library, Expo Router is a work in progress that is attempting to solve the hairy problem of navigation in cross-platform apps.


Get in Zoomer, We're Saving React

Steven Wittens wrote this interesting, balanced article that takes a look at the big picture of React -- where it's come from, where it is now, and where it might go in the future.

Getting Started With TypeScript and React

This article takes a look at a few advantages of using TypeScript with React. Then it walks you through how to set up a React-TypeScript project, while covering some of the fundamentals. Check it out. [sponsored]

Signal Boosting

Joachim Viide (from the Preact team) wrote about the tricks that he and the rest of the team had to employ in order to create Signals (the new state management library for Preact and React) and introduce significant perf updates to the foundations of the reactive system.

The new wave of Javascript web frameworks

The article dives into the underlying problems that all of the new-ish JavaScript frameworks are trying to solve and how each framework gives different answers and makes different trade-offs -- including React, Svelte, Vue, Solid, Next, Remix, Qwik, and others.


Senior or Staff Front-end Engineer -- React (100% Remote) is looking for 3 experienced individuals that have a solid understanding of React and want to help design, implement and launch major user-facing features. Close is a 100% globally distributed team of ~55 high-performing, happy people that are dedicated to building a product our customers love.



An experimental new compiler, type checker for JavaScript and optimizer for React. This in-depth blog post by the creator gives some good examples of how it works and how it can be useful.


An open-source Firebase alternative (aka Postgres database UI) built with Next.js on top of Hasura's GraphQL Engine. The creators wrote more about it in this blog post.


A collection of escape hatches exploring React. Created by the Poimandres team.

Best-of React Web

You can tell that Lukas Masuch put a lot of time into curating this list of 430 open-source React projects, grouping them into 22 different categories, and ranking them based on a variety of factors.

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