React Newsletter #329

Blitz.js 2.0 beta, re-introducing Gatsby, and the JavaScript Paradox

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Blitz.js 2.0 beta

Blitz now refers to itself as "the missing fullstack toolkit for Next.js," because it has shifted from abstracting Next.js to becoming a modular toolkit taht plugs directly into any new or existing Next app.

Re-introducing Gatsby

Kyle Matthews Gatsby's CEO wrote about re-introducing Gatsby as a Reactive Site Generator that, when paired with the Gatsby Cloud CDN lets you publish changes in one second or less. Kyle calls it "hot reloading, but for your production website."


The New Expo CLI

Evan Bacon writes about the new "Local Expo CLI" that was just introduced in the last Expo SDK release, and how it makes projects easier to set up, stay working longer, and require less tooling updates.

The JavaScript Paradox

Ryan Carniato writes about some reasons why we have so many JavaScript frameworks and how many of them have been built to solve problems that we have created as JavaScript developers.

Sleuth is the best way to improve engineering efficiency

Sleuth doesn't try and track "developer productivity" -- because that doesn't work and developers hate it. It captures your team's collective DORA metrics, to help you measure and improve team performance overall. That's probably why great engineering org's (like Atlassian) use it. [sponsored]

Building a chat app with and React

Nevo David walks through how to use the real-time communication provided by to create an open chat application with React that allows users to send and receive messages from several users on the application. You'll also learn how to detect the users who are online and when a user is typing.

Avoiding useEffect with callback refs

In this article, Dominik writes about why you might want to avoid using useEffect in some situations and how you can easily do that.

9 Bad React Habits to Kick From Your Life

Patrick Zawadzki writes about some of the worst practices he's seen from React developers, including prop drilling, duplicating work on each render, and more.

Storybook As A Game Development Tool (With Demo)

In this brief article, Foxhoundn writes about how Storybook has become a quintessential tool in the prototyping, development and testing of his 3D browser game.


Authorizer 1.0

A fully open source auth solution that lets you bring your own database and have complete control over user info. This v1.0 release packs a lot of great features, and the roadmap looks promising as well.

Remotion v3.2

Remotion lets you create real MP4 videos by writing React. This new release comes with Lottie support, React Native Skia support, a zoomable timeline, and more.


Goodbye, useEffect

This 30-minute talk by David K Piano at ReactNext 22 is updated version of the popular talk that popular talk that he gave at Reactathon earlier this summer.

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