React Newsletter #328

Electron v20, React re-renders guide, and Liquorstore

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Yoga is on life support

Meta recently revealed that their styling engine for React Native hasn't had a full-time maintainer for a while. Apparently, there is a spiritual successor to Yoga, but it isn't public yet.

Electron 20.0.0 released

Nothing to noteworthy here, but this base-10 milestone release comes with upgrades to Chrome 104 and V8 10.4, and some bug fixes.


The Suspense is Killing Me: Part 2

In this follow-up to last year's post, Fatih Altınok provides a succinct rundown of all that has happened with React 18 in the last year and looks forward to what's coming next.

React re-renders guide: everything, all at once

Nadia Makarevich wrote this very comprehensive guide on React re-renders, which explains what re-renders are, which re-renders are necessary vs unnecessary, what can trigger a React component re-render, and more.

How To Tackle Data Visualization UX: Tips & Tricks

Data visualization is so interesting because it sits at the intersection of several very different worlds. This article helps you learn how to design powerful charts and graphs, using examples from the KendoReact library. [sponsored]

Why we had to move away from React Query

Robert Cooper writes about why his team had to move away from React Query after a year of using it for all of their API calls. "The more we were using it, the more obvious it became that React Query was not providing the ideal structure for our data."



A fast, composable, unstyled command menu for React. Created by Paco Coursey and Rauno Freiberg


A new reactive state management library with a great name, created by Steve Ruiz.

React Rating

A zero-dependency, highly-customizable rating component for React.

Recommended React + TypeScript codebases to learn from

A collection of 30+ React and TypeScript codebases that are organized into different categories.


Pedal to the Metal -- React Native Skia

In this 20-minute video, William Candillon and Christian Falch talk about all that they've been working on with React Native Skia, the powerful 2D rendering engine that brings the Skia Graphics Library to React Native. These improvements include a new development experience with Expo Go and new platform support for React Native Web.

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