React Newsletter #327

Docusaurus 2.0, Expo SDK 46, and Discord switching to React Native

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Docusaurus 2.0

Docusaurus is the easiest way to create fully customizable doc sites. It's backed by Meta and just launched v2, which comes with some great new features:

  • React is now used on the client (not just the server like v1), which enables a more modern navigation

  • MDX support, so you can create interactive React components in your docs

  • More theming flexibility and a new system of plugins make customization a lot easier

We wrote about this release in greater detail in yesterday's Bytes issue.

Expo SDK 46

This release comes with new support for React Native Skia, React Native FlashList, React 18 and React Native 0.69.3.

React Starter Kit switched from Webpack to Vite

This popular Jamstack front-end template just made the switch from Webpack 5 to Vite last week, as Vite continues to eat the web.


Discord switching to React Native for their Android App

The Discord team writes about how their Android app got "a major overhaul that brings significant improvements" by switching to React Native. They specifically highlight the benefits of feature consistency across platforms and faster app update release cycles.

Examples of large production-grade, open-source React apps

It's tough to find many enterprise-scale, open-source React apps, so Max Rozen decided to go digging for a few of them. This article shares the best ones he found with a little bit of info on each.

Build your own synthetic user testing

In this article, the New Relic team demonstrates how synthetic user testing works by walking you through how to build your own example tests that simulate the behavior of your users. [sponsored]

Writing a Fuzzy Search Component With Preact and Fuse for Astro

Lloyd Atkinson walks through his process of building his own "fuzzy search" component, which checks for the presence of a substring.

500ms to 1.7ms In React: A Journey And A Checklist

Oren Farhi shares his conclusions and journey in reducing a performance bottle neck from 0.5 seconds to 1.7 milliseconds.


New React Aria Release

The popular component library by Adobe just got a major upgrade with this new release, including:

  • Significant bundle size reduction
  • DX improvements
  • Big documentation update
  • TypeScript export improvements
  • Fewer npm packages to install

Congrats to Devon Govett and the rest of the team!

The Eye of Providence State Management Library

This new state management library is built on top of Redux and claims to give you all of the advantages of Redux wrapped in a much simpler interface.

React Simple Maps 3.0

A tool for creating beautiful React SVG maps with d3-geo and topojson using a declarative API.


Build a weather app with Cities Autocomplete

This 90-minute freeCodeCamp tutorial walks you through the steps of building a weather application using the OpenWeatherMap API and GeoDB API with places autocomplete.

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