React Newsletter #326

Radix 1.0, Updates on the new Next.js router and Reflections after reading the React source code

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Radix 1.0

Radix just released v1 of its low-level UI component library with a focus on accessibility, customization and developer experience. Modulz (the team behind Radix) was recently acquired by WorkOS, and Radix itself is already used by big software companies like Vercel and Supabase.

Updates on the new Next.js router

This tweet thread from the Next team demonstrates how the new Next router will include support for nested layouts and React Server Components by "standing on the shoulders of React 18." Various members of the React team seem pretty excited about it too.

~~React~~ TanStack Query v4

React Query rebranded to TanStack Query and restructured the library to a monorepo, so that it can now be used with Vue, Svlete, and Solid.js. It also comes with new features like proper offline support, stable persisters, support for React 18, and more.


Why Remix is not a React framework but a full stack web framework

Andre Landgraf writes about what makes Remix different from Next.js, Gatsby and other React frameworks -- and why it deserves to be called a full-stack web framework.

Hermes as the default

React Native 0.70 will ship with Hermes as the default engine for all React Native apps. Michael Leon, a member of the React Native team at Meta, wrote about the advantages of the Hermes engine and the work that went in to making this change.

Monitoring your React Native Application

In this article, the New Relic team writes about how their agent can help you collect crash data, network traffic, and other info that's particularly pertinent to cross-platform applications. [sponsored]

Opinionated React Project Structure

A short tweet thread by George Moller showing his approach to structuring folders in a React app.

Reading Source Code: React

Alex Kondov dove into the React source code and wrote about some of his takeaways about the design of the codebase and the practices and patterns the React core team has applied.


Mantine 5.0

This popular React component library with 140+ hooks and components just released v5.0 with updates and improvements to various components -- including tabs, accordion, tooltip, avatar, and more.


Prabhu Murthy created this draggable menu component for React that can auto adjust its position.


As you probably guessed, this is a dark mode toggle component for React. It's Type-safe and fully customizable. Created by Anatoliy Gatt.

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