React Newsletter #325

New Preact-based library, Vite 3.0, and The cost of consistency in UI frameworks

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The creator of Preact is building a new library 👀

Jason Miller is working on a new library that will sit on top of Preact and provide “a new state primitive that replaces hooks (it’s so, so much easier to use than hooks).” Stay tuned.

Vite 3.0

This increasingly popular, next-gen build tool created by Evan You just released v3 with new docs, lots of DX improvements, and new create-vite templates that let you quickly test Vite with your favorite framework (including React).

AG Grid and TanStack Table join forces as open source partners

AG Grid and TanStack Table (formerly React Table) are the two main datagrid and table providers, and now they've officially partnered to unify their ecosystems and educate users about how and when to choose between their different approaches.


The Cost of Consistency in UI Frameworks

Ryan Carniato (creator of Solid.js) wrote this in-depth article about how similar looking syntax can lead to different behaviors in each of the different major JavaScript frameworks, starting with React.

Applying SOLID principles in React

SOLID is an acroynm that outlines five design principles conceived with object-oriented programming languages in mind. In this article, Konstantin Lebedev writes about how (by taking a few liberties with interpretation) these principles can provide value to React developers too.

How I Estimate NPM Package Market Share (and how Redux usage compares to other libraries)

Mark Erikson has previously stated that "Redux is used by 45-50% of React apps," and that it is "by far the most widely used state management tool for React apps." In this post, he walks through the sources he used to arrive at that claim, while discussing the caveats and limitations that come with those sources.

React Editor or Text Area -- How To Choose?

Would your React app work best with a rich-text editor or a text area where users can input information? This post can help you decide and learn how to implement the best choice. [sponsored]

Actionless and Stateless Reducers in React

Jules Blom writes about how he believes that useReducer is "pretty great and underutilized," while useState is overutilized. He shares some ways that useReducer can be beneficial for a lot more thank just managing complex state.


Full-Stack Developer Job for Health Applications

QuickBird is looking for a Full-Stack Developer working on medical/health applications in Munich, Germany. Our young, energetic team highly values great engineering and we enjoy making a positive impact. We provide re-location assistance. Our Stack: Backend with Node.js, Frontend with React, & JavaScript/TypeScript.


React on the Edge

Server-rendered React using Vercel Edge Functions. It's essentially sveltekit-on-the-edge but on top of React. Created by the Vercel Team.


Ready-to-use Remix + Tailwind CSS routes and UI components. All blocks are full-stack routes, are indpenedent of each other, include code you can copy-paste, and can have a loader, action, meta function, and a React component using TypeScript + Tailwind CSS. Created by Alexandro Martínez.


Fresh: Blazingly Fast React

In this 45-minute video, Jack Herrington shows you how to apply the React skills you already have in order to make super fast pages using Deno's new Fresh framework and the Islands architecture.

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