React Newsletter #323

Next.js 12.2, TanStack Table v8, and the new wave of React state management

AG Grid is an enterprise-level React Data Grid that's used by most Fortune 500 companies.

But they also have a free and open source version that comes with some pretty robust features (which most other companies charge for). And it's 100% React-based -- so it plays nice with your own React components.

Check them out. We're really excited to have them sponsor this issue.


Next.js 12.2

Lots of cool stuff in this release!

  • Stable middleware (improved API for dynamic routing)
  • Stable on-demand ISR (update content on your site without re-deploying)
  • Experimental Edge API Routes
  • Experimental Edge SSR

Fresh 1.0

A new fullstack SSR framework created by the Deno team, using Preact and JSX. It has file-system routing that's very similar to Next.js and Remix-style form submissions, but it ships zero JavaScript to the browser by default, has first-class TypeScript support, and doesn't require a build step (because it's built on Deno).

(We wrote a lot more about Fresh in yesterday's issue of Bytes, which was read by over 105,000 developers.)

TanStack Table v8

Formerly known as React Table, TanStack Table was just released with additional support for Solid.js, Vue, and Svelte. It's headless, 100% TypeScript, and features a faster and simpler API. It also has a new partnership with AG Grid (today's newsletter sponsor).


The new wave of React state management

This in-depth article outlines the problems that global state management libraries aim to solve, how some of the early libraries approached solving those problems, and how newer libraries (like Recoil, Jotai, Zustand and React Query) are approaching it now.

Demystifying The New Gatsby Framework

Juan Diego Rodriguez writes about some of the major changes and improvements that have come to Gatsby with the launch of Gatsby 4 and what that means for developers interested in using Gatsby going forward.

Implementing user authentication in React with SuperTokens

In this article, Mercy Ben walks through how to use Supertoekn


React Native Zephyr

A TailwindCSS-inspired styling library for React Native that comes with a set of built-in styling utilities, an extendable and overridable theming system, dark-mode support out of the box, type safety, and more. Created by the Formidable Labs team.


A fast and performant React Native list library that just released v1.0 last month. Bills itself as a better alternative to FlatList. Created by the Shopify team.

Looking for a really fast React Table that can handle hundreds of thousands of items?

Then you should definitely check out the performance of the KendoReact Data Grid. This article walks you through how you can easily set up your benchmarking tests to measure performance yourself. [sponsored]


A performance testing companion for React and React Native that allows you to automate your app performance regression testing on a CI or a local machine. It's designed to reuse as much of your React Native Testing Library tests and setup as possible.


Senior or Staff Front-end Engineer - React (100% Remote) is looking for 3 experienced individuals that have a solid understanding of React and want to help design, implement and launch major user-facing features. Close is a 100% globally distributed team of ~55 high-performing, happy people that are dedicated to building a product our customers love.]


5 Years of Building React Table

In this 20-minute talk at React Summit, Tanner Linsley discusses the history of React Table, how/why he made it into a framework-agnostic library with last week's release of v8, and what the future looks like.

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